Responding to Gail Riplinger on King James Onlyism

I was recently given a copy of New Age Bible Versions by Home Economics lecturer Gail Riplinger. It is sad that such a book has achieved such notoriety, given that its arguments are so flawed. I was grateful for the work done by James R. White in his book: James R. White, The King James Only Controversy: Can You Trust the Modern Translations? Bethany House Publishers, 1995. Pbk. ISBN: 1556615752. pp.286. and for his on-line article, available here. I know from personal experience how seductive this kind of conspiracy theory can be and can only hope that common sense and sound reasoning will ultimately prevail.

Update: 9th June 2006: Observant readers of this blog will have noticed that this entry has been been graced by a visit from Mrs Riplinger herself. When I read that Gail now styles herself “Dr” I wondered how she had managed to earn this qualification, but am reliable informed that she hasn’t – it is an honorary doctorate from Hyles-Anderson College. While this institution can award these pieces of paper to however they wish it is generally regarded as very bad form to use them in order to mislead people into thinking that you have an earned qualification. I am still awaiting a reply from Kent State University regarding which courses she taught there. It seems clear that whatever courses Mrs Riplinger taught within the Home Economics Department at Kent State, they are all a long way from textual criticism and theology! 4/7/06: New Comment: Dear Mr Bradshaw, I note that you are in the process of investigating Dr Mrs Riplinger’s background at Kent State. Should that investigation vindicate the comments that she has posted, will you be issuing a public apology to her? Yours sincerely Alan O’Reilly – Of course if Mrs Riplinger taught anything that is remotely connected with Textual Criticism and Theology she deserves an apology. Her own comment in my blog does not lead to me to think that this is the case. It would seem from Bob & Gretchen Passantino’s research on the subject: New Age Bible Versions: A Critical Review That my description is accurate:

Gail Riplinger does not have any advanced degrees in Bible, theology, linguistics, textual criticism, or any other academic subject related to the subject of this book. She has not been associated with any well-known, accepted counter cult organization or expert, nor has she had previous books published on biblical issues. No reputable biblical scholar has endorsed her thesis or her arguments. Riplinger has advanced degrees in Industrial and Environmental Design (a branch of what used to be called Home Economics) and taught Family and Consumer Studies and Retail Space Plans (Home Economics) for a few years at Kent State University in Ohio. When she is asked what facility she has in biblical languages, she says that as a school girl she took Latin, and after graduation from high school, she worked as an English tutor with Greek immigrants. On a radio program she admitted she could not read Greek or Hebrew.

It would appear that no apology is necessary on my part.

Main image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

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  1. I picked up a copy of Riplinger’s book a few years ago when it came out thinking I could write a response to it. But my goodness, where do you even start? There’s just so much nonsense in it. Fortunately, James White addressed some of it. Frankly, people like Riplinger tire me.

  2. This portion from her book which he starts off with cracked me up:

    “Each page opens a door exposing new version editors–in agreement with Luciferians, occultists, and New Age philosophy–in mental institutions, seance parlors, prison cells, and court rooms for heresy trials–and most shocking of all–denying that salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ. Five have lost their ability to speak.”

    Yes, those in prison cells! Funny I thought Paul and Peter seemed to be in those every so often … and wrote letters (i.e. the NT) from them!

  3. Paul and Peter were in prison for trying to bring eternal life to the Jews. The new version editor (German)Kittel was in prison for his part in the genoside of millions of Jews. Quite a difference. For your information, I have never been a Home Economics Lecturer. Please be careful to state correct facts. I taught English, as well as Architecture and Design – a far cry from Home Economics.
    Dr. Gail Riplinger

  4. As is evident by inspection of Dr Mrs Riplinger’s comments, my question had to do with your assertion about her teaching being limited to Home Economics, not about whether or not she taught Textual Criticism and/or Theology.

    Will she still merit a public apology from you, therefore, if your investigation vindicates the comments that she posted?

    Alan O’Reilly
    Guis., N. Yorks.

  5. If she taught within the Home Economics Department – and her comment indicates that she did, then my description is accurate. Perhaps you should ask Mrs Riplinger if she is going to publically apologise to the multitude of Christian scholars that she has misquoted and defamed in her writings?



  6. Rob, great job and thank you for posting this information. What you have said and have researched only confirms the information I have uncovered about Mrs. Riplinger.

    I have spent the last 8 months doing research on her and her so-called books, using a fine-tooth comb.

    What I have uncovered is quote revealing and amazing. Not only has what I’ve found confirmed what the best of her “critics” have said but more information that some have not addressed.

    I am quite puzzled at how a person who calls herself a child of God can even remotely desire to take people’s quotations and writings so blatantly out of context, as she has done in her book NABVs. Most of the men she attacks are, of course, dead men who cannot defend themselves, such as Westcott and Hort and Schaff.

    I have uncovered some of the sources she used in writing this book. She has taken the majority of their quotes completely out of context, added words where those words were not found in the originals, all to make them say what she wanted them to say to falsely prove her accusations against them.

    When certain men of God kindly approached her about her large errors and inaccuracies, instead of saying, “Thank you, I was wrong and I apologize” and then repent to God for having done them, she lashed out at them by writing another book that KJO suckers are still purchasing from her.

    She takes advantage of the unlearned and misleads the simple, pretending to take sids with them.

    I am not alone in believing she is a provocateur agent of some sort. You have Rick Warren tramping over the Evangelical church today and the devil, needing a way to get into the tight and solid Fundamental church, has found a secret weapon named Gail Riplinger to do a clever number on them.

    Her lies and false teachings have caused MANY divisions in churches and have amassed a great deal of confusion even though God’s words says that He is not the author of confusion. Once her teachings invaded MY church it became personal.

    Mrs. Riplinger claims to have taught English, which, unfortunately, I find laughable because she niether writes nor speaks as a professor who taught English to anyone, anywhere, and under any circumstances. When you hear her lecture her poor use of English grammar is horrendous, at best.

    One huge thing that disqualifies Riplinger is that she has, many times, taught from church pulpits where the pastors are too stupid and full of KJO pride to acknowledge the clear FACT that God has forbidden this in several places in His word.

    I am making a record of all my findings on Ripliner’s lies and slanders in her books and videos and will be compiling an expose very soon.

    She has the chance to come clean and apologize and ask the Lord to forgive her for what she has done; and prove she has done so by pulling the books she has produced over the last 13 years.

    If she does this and is genuine about it she will be greatly commended and obtain good favor and blessing from the Lord. Otherwise, she stands to be harshly judged for her hypocrisy, slander, and lies–all of which God’s word says He HATES.

    Defending the truth is very important–especially against those who claim they come in truth but actually come in deceit just like the devil and his angels.

    As God’s word warns: Be sure, your sins will find you out.

  7. Have you written your expose yet? I would very much like to see it. This issue has caused so much division in churches,but so many arguments have been unfounded. I want facts. I would like to hear both sides of the accusations.

    Very interesting rebuttal Rob.

  8. As often as day becomes night there are so many dark spiritually dead people that write trash about the need for what these dead people go on about as needing scholarly doctorates
    God hates these attitudes for he says I will confuse them and give the meek the humble the lowly of heart the keys to the kingdom.
    Gail riplinger has exposed the ugly underbelly of you learned fools to clearly support our heavenly Fathers scripture of His King James authorized English bible.
    Argue all you like over this for all of you James white clowns have an ugly future coming for all eternity.
    Hallelujah that the devil has ensnared you with blindness you white washed toombes you snakes for your days are closer today than yesterday

  9. No accusations ever brought against the KJV. This blog and the comments prove absolutely nothing whatsoever. Read The Scholarship-Only Controversy by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman and you will discover all the lies James R. White wrote in his book. That is, if you are searching the truth? If not, then don’t bother.

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