Transactions of the Congregational Historical Society Now Online

Transactions of the Congregational Historical Society

The primary purpose of Theology on the Web is to make Biblical scholarship accessible to Bible students and ministers at no cost. However, over the years a secondary purpose has developed, that of providing an online archive for historical societies from various denominations. Here you will find resources by Baptist, Wesleyan and United Reformed Church historians and researchers. To this list I am happy to announce the addition of the complete run (1901-1971) of the Transactions of the Congregational Historical Society – 21 volumes, 119 issues and around 1,000 articles. My thanks to the kind permission of the United Reformed Church Historical Society, who hold the copyright. These scans were made from the set of the journal held in Spurgeon’s College Library.

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The Transactions include material on a wide range of subject relating to nonconformist churches. You will find articles on Selina Countess of Huntingdon, John Bunyan and Richard Baxter.

24 Hours with Spurgeon, 8th-9th May 2020

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Spurgeon’s College is passionate about training men and women for Christian mission, ministry and leadership in the contemporary world. We are also passionate about Charles Haddon Spurgeon, our founder and the most popular Christian preacher in the Victorian world.

At this time of pandemic like all charities Spurgeon’s College is affected financially by the Coronavirus, and therefore we are raising money to continue Spurgeon’s work and continue his legacy so that our students can continue to train and preach the good news of the Christian gospel.

Therefore on Friday 8th May from 9am BST, the College and its friends from around the world will be reading from Spurgeon’s sermons, letters and other works for 24 hours. Through this we want to remind people that Spurgeon’s words are still relevant today whilst raising money to continue Spurgeon’s legacy.

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UK TimeUS TimeReader’s NameInstitution/RoleReadingHost
0900 Dr Philip McCormackSpurgeon’s College“Joy and Peace in Believing”Revd Helen Stokley
0930 Dr Tom BreimaierSpurgeon’s College“The Power of Christ Illustrated by the Resurrection”Revd Helen Stokley
1000 Revd Beth PowneyEastern Baptist Association“Verily, Verily”Revd Helen Stokley
1030 Revd Stuart DavisonSouth Eastern Baptist Association“Comfort those Whose Prayers are Feeble”Revd Helen Stokley
1100 Revd Lynn GreenGeneral Secretary, BUGB“Heart’s-Ease” (A Cholera Sermon)Revd Helen Stokley
1130 Dr Kang-San TanGeneral Director, BMSExcerpt From “The Soul Winner”Revd Helen Stokley
1200 Dr Stephen WrightSpurgeon’s College“Christ the Creator”Revd Helen Stokley
1230 Revd Phil BarnardLondon Baptist Association“Perfect Sanctification”Revd Helen Stokley
1300 Revd Helen StokleySpurgeon’s College“God’s Thoughts of Peace”Revd Helen Stokley
1330 Revd Mike WhiteSenior Pastor, The Tab ChurchSpurgeon’s Conversion StoryRevd Helen Stokley
1400 Leoné MartinSpurgeon’s CollegeExcerpt from “The Sword and the Trowel” 1874Revd Helen Stokley
1430 Mr Ross HendrySpurgeons Children CharitySpurgeon’s Orphanage WorkRevd Helen Stokley
1500 Dr Krish KandiahFounding Director of Home For Good“Heirs of God”Dr Philip McCormack
1530 Dr Ruthlyn BradshawSenior Pastor, New Life Assembly Fellowship of Churches“The Throne of Grace”Dr Philip McCormack
1600 Revd Dotha BlackwoodSpurgeon’s CollegeExcerpt From “The Greatest Fight in the World”Dr Philip McCormack
1630 Revd Peter KerridgeCEO, Premier Radio“On Conversion as our Aim”Dr Philip McCormack
1700 Rev Cham Kaur-MannDirector, Next LeadershipExcerpt from “The Sword and the Trowel” 1881Dr Philip McCormack
1730 Revd Seidel Abel BoanergesSpurgeon’s College“A Call to the Unconverted”Dr Philip McCormack
18001300Dr Elijah BrownGeneral Secretary, BWA“Our Urgent Need of the Holy Spirit”Dr Philip McCormack
1830 Dr Peter MordenSenior Pastor, Cornerstone Baptist Church“All and All in All”Dr Philip McCormack
19001100Pastor Rick WarrenSaddleback Church, Purpose Driven NetworkPressures in MinistryDr Philip McCormack
19301430Dr Michael DuduitAnderson University, USA“Belief in the Resurrection”Dr Philip McCormack
20001500Dr Kris BarnettAnderson University, USAExcerpt from “Speeches at Home and Abroad”Dr Philip McCormack
20301530Revd Mike WillmerSenior Pastor: First Baptist Church, New Castle, PA“Adoption—the Spirit and the Cry”Dr Philip McCormack
21001300Dr Geoff ChangMidwestern Baptist SeminaryLost Sermons of CH SpurgeonDr Tom Breimaier
21301530Ed RomineMidwestern Baptist SeminaryLost Sermons of CH SpurgeonDr Tom Breimaier
22001600Dr Jason DuesingMidwestern Baptist SeminaryLost Sermons of CH SpurgeonDr Tom Breimaier
22301630Garrett SkrbinaMidwestern Baptist SeminaryLost Sermons of CH SpurgeonDr Tom Breimaier
23001700Phillip OrtMidwestern Baptist SeminaryLost Sermons of CH SpurgeonDr Tom Breimaier
23301730Dr Madison TrammelB&H AcademicLost Sermons of CH SpurgeonDr Tom Breimaier
23591900 (EST)Patrick BrownPhD candidate, Edinburgh University12.4 “The Bliss of the Glorified”Dr Tom Breimaier
00301830Dr Gregg QuiggleMoody Bible InstituteSpurgeon & MoodyDr Tom Breimaier
01001900Dr Winfred NeelyMoody Bible Institute‘‘Grace abounding’’Dr Tom Breimaier
01301930Dr Timothy LarsenWheaton CollegeThe First Christmas CarolDr Tom Breimaier
02002000Dr David FilsonWestminster Theological Seminary‘‘The Work of the Holy Spirit’’Dr Tom Breimaier
02302030Dr Ashish VarmaMoody Bible Institute11.1 “The Shameful Sufferer”Dr Tom Breimaier
0300 Dr Bruce PassBrisbane School of Theology3.2 “The Word a Sword”Dr Philip McCormack
0330 Jonathan WeaverMission AviatorSpurgeon & MissionDr Philip McCormack
0400 Revd Karen SigginsLead Pastor, Lesmurdie Baptist Church3.4 “How to Read the Bible”Dr Philip McCormack
0430 Dr Michael O’NeilVose Seminary4.1 “A  Far-Reaching Promise”Dr Philip McCormack
0500 Revd Monica O’NeilVose Seminary7.3 “Concerning Prayer”Dr Philip McCormack
0530 Dr Brian HarrisVose Seminary1.3 “A World-Wide Welcome”Dr Philip McCormack
0600 Dr David CohenVose Seminary8.2 “Comforted and ComfortingDr Philip McCormack
0630 Dr Darrell JacksonWhitley College3.3 Excerpt from “The Greatest Fight in the World”Dr Philip McCormack
0700 Dr David StarlingWhitley College11.3 “Lama Sabachthani?”Dr Philip McCormack
0730 Dr Tom BreimaierSpurgeon’s College10.3 “The Peace of God”Dr Philip McCormack
0800 Revd Seidel Abel BoanergesSpurgeon’s College6.2 Excerpt from “S&T” 1874Dr Philip McCormack
0830 Dr Philip McCormackSpurgeon’s College12.3 “God Rejoicing in the New Creation”Dr Philip McCormack
C H Spurgeon in 1891

Commentary on Galatians by John Eadie

John Eadie [1810-1876], A Commentary on the Greek Text of the Epistle of Paul to the Galatians

With the digitisation of the John Eadie’s commentary on Galatians, all five of his Greek text commentaries on the letters of Paul are now available in PDF. The copy I scanned was published in 1869 and was bought by Charles Haddon Spurgeon in 1873. Inside was hidden a personal letter from the author to Charles Spurgeon, written over 150 years ago. This document will now be transferred to the Archive at Spurgeon’s College.

John Eadie [1810-1876], A Commentary on the Greek Text of the Epistle of Paul to the Galatians. Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1869. Hbk. pp.480. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
    1. The Province of Galatia
    2. Introduction of the Gospel into Galatia
    3. Occasion and Contents of the Epistle
    4. Genuineness of the Epistle
    5. Place and Time of Composition
    6. Commentaries on the Epistle
  • Commentary
Letter from John Eadie to Charles Spurgeon
Letter from John Eadie to Charles Spurgeon
Letter from John Eadie to Charles Spurgeon
Letter from John Eadie to Charles Spurgeon

6 Thornville Terrace

8 October

My Dear Sir,

I got from you when up last in London – Herman Heinfetter – Could you discover who he is. His address is 17 Fenchurch Street and his translation was published by Evans Evans Paternoster Row – I would like to know simply whether it is a real name or only a non de plume. Also could you get me Lemoine’s History of Printing and send it to me by post this is, I think, a large book. I am not coming up for the Revision tomorrow and so I bother you today.

Yours sincerely,

John Eadie


Herman Heinfetter. Is, as Eadie suspected, a non-de-plume: that of Frederick Parker. See here for more details.

Revision. John Eadie was a member of the Committee for the Revision of the New Testament (Revised Version) from 1870. It met once a month in the Jerusalem Chamber of Westminster Abbey. This would date the letter between 1870 and 1875. John Eadie died in June 1876.