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Bible Contexts Series b Dr David Instone-Brewer

Dr David Instone-Brewer has asked me to share this very useful resource:

The Bible is an ancient book with timeless wisdom, historical integrity and many puzzles.  When we read it in the context of their lifestyle, literature, and language, the Bible speaks to us like it did to its original audience.

When we grasp these contexts, we become gripped by the excitement of historical stories, the controversial views of prophetic messengers, and the unexpected simplicity of its teaching.

Dr David Instone-Brewer
David Instone-Brewer

Dr David Instone-Brewer has drawn together the background information discovered by scholars that he’s met (and some that he hasn’t), and presents straightforward conclusions that unfold the meaning of the literal text.

All the chapters of the Scripture in Context series from Lexham Press will be freely available on this site, though only a few at a time. There’s more every month, so there is always something interesting to read. If you share a chapter on social media, that link should remain active even after the end of the month, so you can continue discussing and digesting it.

Each 15-minute chapter is self-contained with a compact introduction to the topic and a presentation of the newest information and insights in plain language. These are books for people interested in deep questions who don’t have much time for reading. The books themselves are great for giving to someone who may find church boring but has a questioning mind. 

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