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Pulpit and People: Essays in Honour of William Still

This interesting collection of essays has been digitised my kind permission of the publisher and editors. It includes contributions by James Philip, David F. Wright, I. Howard Marshall, Sinclair B. Ferguson and more. The essays cover subjects such as preaching, the Bible, ministry, the psychology of inner healing, infant baptism and the problem of apostasy in Hebrews.

Nigel M. de S. Cameron & Sinclair B. Ferguson, eds., Pulpit & People. Essays in Honour of William Still on his 75th birthday. Edinburgh: Rutherford House Books, 1986. Hbk. ISBN: 0946068186. pp.148. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  • Foreword: Nigel de S. Cameron, pp.ix
  • Biographical Introduction: William Still — Sinclair B. Ferguson
  • Expository Preaching: an Historical Survey—James Philip
  • The Recovery of Christian Realism in the Scottish Expository Ministry Movement—Douglas F. Kelly
  • The Pulpit Bible: Preaching and the Logic of AuthorityNigel M. de S. Cameron
  • Word, Ministry and Congregation in the Reformation ConfessionsDavid F. Wrightpdf
  • Church and Ministry in I TimothyI. Howard Marshall
  • Concerning ConfessionsFrancis Lyall
  • Building the Church TodayGeorge M. Philip
  • The Reformed Doctrine of SonshipSinclair B. Ferguson
  • Psychological Aspects of Inner HealingMontagu G. Barker
  • The Land is Mine … and you are My Tenants: Reflections on a Biblical view of Man and NatureRowland Moss
  • The Children for Christ. His Covenant Seed and their Covenant SignJ. Douglas Macmillan
  • The Problem of Apostasy in HebrewsHenry A.G. Tait
  • Suffering: a Study on Romans 8:18-30Brian Moore

Click here to download complete book [3.16 MB] pdf

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