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Digitisation of Historic Baptist Journals Completed

During the Summer I have not been posting much to social media in order to concentrate on a couple of outstanding projects.

Historic Baptist Journals

The digitisation of the Spurgeon’s College’s holdings of the following historic Baptist journals is now completed. None represent a complete run, but there is sufficient overlap to allow important people and events to be cross-referenced between journals. As far I am aware, this is the first time that so much material from these journals has been made available online. Digitisation was done using my new overhead scanning equipment, which captured each page at over 1,000 dpi. Over time I hope to fill in the gaps in the collections.

There is a link on each page of the tables of contents which allows visitors to download all available volumes in a single zip archive. The zip archive for the Baptist Magazine (80 volumes) is over 2.4 GB!

Integration of Perlego Links into Websites

Theology on the Web recently entered into an affiliate agreement with the online university-level library Perlego. Every time someone signs up with Perlego, the websites receive a small commission. This is proving particularly important, given both the downturn in donations to the sites caused the economic problems we are all facing and the need to renew the website hosting in mid-September. The Biblical Studies website has now been fully updated with Perlego links, so that subscribers can now access up-to-date theology books and commentaries that I am unable to provide. A large “P” to the left of a bibliographic entry now indicates that the book in the Perlego library and a direct link is provided. Work on the other websites, which includes a much-needed revision of the subject bibliographies, will take the rest of the year to complete. To find out more about Perlego, please see my earlier post.

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