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Theology on the Web New Year 2024 Update

One of the advantages of working for an educational institution is that you do get a good long break over Christmas. This has proved very useful, as I was able to clear some of my back-log of scanning over the holiday. The major milestone reached was the completion of the scanning of all 96 volumes of The Baptist Magazine (1809-1904), thanks to Cardiff Baptist College, who lent me the 6 remaining volumes. The digitisation of The Earthen Vessel, The General Baptist Repository and The General Baptist Magazine have also progressed significantly.

A Record-Breaking Year

The Theology on the Web sites received over 2.4 million visits in 2023, and these visitors collectively downloaded 9.4 Terabytes of data. This is an increase of over 400,000 visitors in 2022 and all indications are that this growth will continue. All this is material is supplied free-of-charge, but in order to enable my webserver to cope with this I have had to increase its capacity – increasing my monthy expenses. I am therefore asking those who can afford to do so to consider supporting Theology on the Web on a regular basis through Patreon or Buy-me-Coffee or to make a one-off donation through PayPal.

A New Copyright Year

On January 1st books published in the UK whose author died over 70 years ago became public domain[*]. 2024 year is good news for students of the Gospels, as both Willoughby Charles Allen and Robert Henry Lightfoot died in 1953. This means that W C Allen’s International Critical Commentary on Matthew and his commentary on Mark can now be made available for download, as can R H Lightfoot’s 1934 Bampton Lectures. I have also recently added the International Critical Commentary volumes on the Minor Prophets, as well as Psalms and Proverbs in the Westminster Commentaries series.

Wishing you all every Blessing in 2024.

* I am not a copyright lawyer, and so nothing I say should ever be taken as legal advice.

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