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Theology on the Web Approaches Significant Anniversary

Did you know that Theology on the Web is 20 years old in September this year? I am working on a Newsletter to go out on the anniversary, but wanted to share this section now, as it is becoming urgent.

With every addition to the material being offered comes an increased load on my webserver. As demand has increased I have upgraded from various levels of shared hosting to a virtual server. Recently, I have been getting messages from monitoring services telling me that at times of peak demand the current server cannot cope and that some visitors find the sites uavailable. The time has come, therefore, to think about upgrading to my own webserver. This will greatly increase the speed and reliabilty of the websites, as well a future-proofing their development for some time to come. However, such an upgrade will not be cheap and will mean that I will have to spend a lot more on hosting. I am therefore setting a target to recruit more committed supporters of the ministry who would be willing to give via Patreon on a monthly basis. My target is to raise £500 each month – the current level is just over £50 per month. So, if you would like to help in this way, do visit my Patreon page and chose a level of support that suits you. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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