My New Job: Librarian at Spurgeon’s College

A new year often brings changes for all of us. If you have been following Theology on the Web on social media you will know that I will be made redundant from my current job at the end of December. This Christmas we are praising God that He has provided me with a wonderful new opportunity for service and ministry. As of the beginning of January 2020 I will be taking up the position of Librarian at Spurgeon’s College in South London.

Thank you for all your prayers – and please continue to pray for me in this very challenging and exciting role.

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Theology on the Web now hosts over 40,000 theological articles and hundreds of books, with many more being added each week. Besides the site blogs (listed below), there are a number of other ways to keep up to date with the latest material going on-line.

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Posts to Twitter are made around three times a week, but sometimes more often if something worth sharing in the way of resources catches my attention.


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Top 10 Biblical Studies Downloads in 2018

It is great to see the free resources available via Theology on the Web being used. Here are the top nine articles (and one book) downloaded from in 2018.

  1. Figures of Speech in the Bible by Robert I Bradshaw [13,909 downloads]
  2. J. Paul Tanner, “The History of Interpretation of the Song of Songs,” Bibliotheca Sacra 154: 613 (1997): 23-46. [5,281 downloads]
  3. F.F. Bruce, “The Gospel of Thomas: Presidential Address 14 May 1960,” Faith and Thought 92.1 (1961): 3-23. [3,472 downloads]
  4. Robert E. Picirilli, “The Meaning of ‘Epignosis’,” Evangelical Quarterly 47.2 (Apr.-June 1975): 85-93. [3,386 downloads]
  5. F.F. Bruce, “Christianity Under Claudius,” Bulletin of the John Rylands Library 44.1 (March 1962): 309-26. [3,348 downloads]
  6. Edward J. Young, “The Background of Psalm 139,” Bulletin of the Evangelical Theological Society 8.3 (Summer 1965): 101-110. [3,233 downloads]
  7. Elmer Towns, “The Meaning of Heart in the New Testament,” Grace Journal 12.1 (Winter 1971): 36-45. [2,875 downloads]
  8. Burnett Hillman Streeter, The Four Gospels: A Study of Origins Treating of The Manuscript Tradition, Sources, Authorship, & Dates. London: MacMillan & Co., Ltd., 1930. [2,607 downloads]
  9. Bulus Galadima & Yusufu Turaki. “Christianity in Nigeria Part I,” Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology 20.1 (2001): 85-101. [2,605 downloads]
  10. Roy Yates, “Paul’s Affliction in Asia: 2 Corinthians 1:8,” The Evangelical Quarterly 53.4 (Oct.-Dec. 1981): 241-245. [2,495 downloads]

I am surprised by No. 1 – this indicates to me that there could be a demand for more material on figures of speech in the Bible.