Repair and Maintenance

22 Years of – Time for Some Maintenance was launched in September 2001 and has grown steadily to over 1,480 pages, hosting over 50,000 theological articles and hundreds of books. So far this year it has received over one million visitors from across the globe. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those who have supported the sites over the years and the hundreds of authors and publishers who have generously allowed their work to be hosted on the site free of charge.

Over the summer I have been been looking at some of the journals I have uploaded. When I first launched the website I expected that most visitors would find the material they wanted via the menus. Nowadays most visitors find the pdfs through a Google search and may not visit any of the site’s HTML pages which contain the tables of contents. It is therefore essential that all of the publication information necessary to properly cite an article be included in the article itself. Many of the articles currently on the site lack this information. I am therefore pausing most uploads of new material for a few months whilst I add this information to thousands of individual files. The process is already complete for articles from the Indian Journal of Theology and those from The Evangelical Quarterly should be updated soon.

So, this is good news for everyone who has ever landed on an article on my site and not known where it is from. It also has the additional benefits of allowing me to find and fix bad links, correct typos and making the file names consistent. This is going to be a big job to complete, but I think one that will be worth the time. I hope that you agree.

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Main image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

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