Gospel Perspectives Vol 3 – Your chance to choose an article

Below is the list of articles to be found in Gospel Perspectives, Vol. 3: Studies in Midrash and Histiography. Sheffield: JSOT Press, 1983. Please vote for the article you would like to see included by 15th December. More weight will be given to votes that explain why the article should be included. Articles by Leon Morris and F.F. Bruce are not listed as their material is already on-line on www.biblicalstudies.org.uk or should appear shortly.

Bruce Chilton, “Varieties and Tendencies of Midrash: Rabbinic Interpretation of Isaiah 24.23” pp.9-32.

Richard Bauckham, “The Liber Antiquitatum Biblicaron of Pseudo-Philo and the Gospels as ‘Midrash'”, pp.33-76.

R.T. France, “Jewish histiography, Midrash, and the Gospels,” pp.99-128.

Douglas J. Moo, “Tradition and the Old Testament in Matt. 27: 3-10” pp.157-176.

Philip Barton Payne, “Midrash and History in the Gospels with Special Reference to to R.H. Gundry’s Matthew” pp.177-216.

Craig L. Blomberg, “Midrash, Chiasmus, and the Outline of Luke’s Central Section” pp.217-262.

D.S. Greenwood, “Poststructuralism and Biblical Studies: Frank Kermode’s The Genesis of Secrecy” pp.263-288.

R.T. France, “Postscript – Where We Have Got to, and Where Do We Go From Here,” pp.289-299.

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  1. Moo, because I have a great intoerest in the Passion narratives (especially in the use of the Hebrew Bible) and I have consulted his diss on occasion when reading up on the subject.

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