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Introducing Perlego’s Academic Theological Library of Over 30,000 Titles

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For the last 21 years Theology on the Web has developed into a free library of over 50,000 theological articles and hundreds of books. However, I am very aware through the feedback I receive that students at every level need access to the latest scholarship in this field. Many have great difficulty in accessing a library where they can borrow the latest books. Over the years I have looked at paid services that might compliment Theology on the Web’s aim of “making biblical scholarship accessible” by providing access at a reasonable cost to the latest material. Having looked at what is currently available, I wanted to introduce my readers to Perlego:

As the video above says, a subscription to Perlego gives access to over 800,000 academic textbooks, but it is worth pointing out that there are over 30,000 English language theology titles, plus a further 20,000 in Italian, Spanish French and German. Perhaps the best way to demonstrate the usefulness of Perlego is to do a simple search like “commentary romans”. The screenshot below shows just some of the results, including many of the most recent commentaries. You can find my more extensive list of Romans commentaries, curated using Perlego, here.

Commentaries on Romans
Some of the commentaries on Romans available on Perlego

Similarly, a search for “Biblical hermeneutics” yields some very useful titles:

Biblical hermeneutics
Some of the results from a search on Perlego for books on “Biblical hermeneutics”

I have used Perlego myself for over a year now and have found it incredibly useful and worthwhile. I would therefore encourage my readers to explore Perlego’s extensive resources for themselves by clicking here.

The video below shows you how to navigate the site.

Full disclosure: Theology on the Web is now an affiliate of Perlego and receives a payment for each subscription sold.

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