Hard Disk Drive

Theology on the Web Data Storage Appeal

Over the last year Theology on the Web has scanned hundreds of books and thousands of articles using a high-resolution digital camera, as shown in the video below.

The pages are scanned at up to 1,150 dpi which means that the results from this technique have been excellent (see here for an example). The files produced from these scans are quite large and it will become necessary, within a matter of months, to upgrade the hard disks in my laptops. I am therefore asking for your help in purchasing two high-capacity SSD drives which will ensure that more material can continue to be scanned and uploaded to the Web where it will be made available free of charge.

A huge “Thank you” to everyone who contributed to my appeal for help in buying extra storage capacity for Theology on the Web. The target was met within 24 hours and the disks have now been ordered. I was extremely moved, both by the response and by the messages of support I received.

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