Digitisation of The Review and Expositor (1904-1928)

Digitisation of The Review and Expositor (1904-1928)

For some time I have been wanting to digitise and make available, free of charge, the early issues of The…

1 day ago

Digitisation of Historic Baptist Journals Completed

During the Summer I have not been posting much to social media in order to concentrate on a couple of…

2 years ago

Baptist Reporter Magazine 1844-1863 now online

I am pleased to announce the completion of the digitisation of the 1844-1863 series of The Baptist Reporter. As far…

2 years ago

Digitisation for the Web on a (very small) budget

The Conference venue - the Pastoral Institute, located next to Zagreb Cathedral I was invited by the Committee of the…

7 years ago

Journal Digitisation – Your Help Requested

As many of you know I am currently working on the digitisation of theological journals whose older editions are now mostly…

9 years ago

Website Development Plans for 2015

Over the Christmas holiday I have evaluating how best to spend my time on Website development and have decided on…

9 years ago