Baptist Reporter Magazine 1844-1863 now online

I am pleased to announce the completion of the digitisation of the 1844-1863 series of The Baptist Reporter. As far as I am aware only 8 of the 19 volumes in this series have previously been made available online. I am in the process of adding a table of contents for each volume, which show some of the interesting material they contain, such as highlights in the ministries of the missionary-abolitionist William Knibb in Jamaica and Charles Haddon Spurgeon in London. In short, this series of magazines provide a unique window into worldwide Baptist ministry that has not been widely available for over 150 years. It should therefore be of great interest to church historians of the mid-Nineteenth Century.

The project represents the first test of my new bespoke overhead scanning equipment. This includes a 108 megapixel camera, which was able to capture the pages a resolution of over 1,050 dots per inch (dpi). The processed images have been uploaded at 600dpi rather than the usual 300dpi on this website. If, in the future, a higher resolution is required then this can be provided using the photographs I now have on file, rather than by re-scanning these extremely old and delicate magazines. In order to cover the costs of this equipment, which includes a mobile phone (= the camera), lighting and increased computer storage to store the larger images produced, I have been running a Go Fund Me Campaign. Click here if you would like to support this campaign.

Click here to visit the download page for The Baptist Reporter

These digitised volumes were digitised from the copies of The Baptist Reporter held in Spurgeon’s College library.


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