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Commentary on Mark 13 by George R. Beasley-Murray

Today’s free book is a commentary on Mark 13 by George R. Beasley-Murray. This book was reproduced from a copy kindly provided by Book Aid and with the permission of the copyright holder, the Rev. Dr Paul Beasley-Murray.

A commentary devoted to the exposition of a single chapter of the New Testament Is an unusual phenomenon. But Mark 13 is an unusual chapter. It has proved to be the most controverted passage In the Gospels. Owing to the complexity of Its problems, critical works and commentaries on the Synoptic Gospels are unable to do more than provide a cursory treatment of them.

The present work has been undertaken at the repeated suggestion of readers of Dr. Beasley-Murray’s compendious work, Jesus and the Future, on the history of criticism of Mark 13 and Its theology. It was felt desirable to have a full-scale commentary on the chapter In the light of the many-sided contributions to its understanding made during the last century.

In order to orientate the reader to the problems Involved, an Introduction is supplied, giving a brief conspectus of attitudes adopted to the Discourse and the author’s conclusions concerning them. A detailed exposition of the Greek text of Mark 13 follows. An endeavour Is made to state fairly the problems of the text as they arise and to enable the reader to reach just conclusions In respect to them.

While the exposition is written with the historical situation In mind, the abiding significance of the Discourse for the Church of all ages becomes apparent.

–from the dustjacket

G.R. Beasley-Murray, A Commentary on Mark Thirteen. London: Macmillan, 1957. pp.124. [Click here to visit he download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. The Authenticity of Mark Thirteen
  2. A Commentary on St. Mark’s Gospel, Chapter Thirteen
  • Detached Note on the History of Interpretation of the ΒΔΕΛΥΓΜΑ ΕΡΗΜΩΣΕΩΣ.
  • Indices

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