Herod's Temple as depicted on the Holyland Model of Jerusalem.
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Jerusalem Under the High-Priests by Edwyn Bevan

Today’s free book is a series of five lectures by Edwyn Bevan. Bevan was a lecturer in Hellenistic History and Literature at King’s College London. This public domain was scanned from a copy kindly provided by Book Aid.

Edwyn Bevan [1870-1943], Jerusalem Under the High-Priests. Five Lectures on the Period Between Nehemiah and the New Testament. London: Edward Arnold & Co., 1904, 1930. Hbk. pp.168. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. The End of the Persian Period and the Macedonian Conquest
  2. Hellenism ad Hebrew Wisdom
  3. Judas Maccabæus and His Brethren
  4. The Hasmonæan Ascendency
  5. The Fall of the Hasmonæans and the Days of Herod
  • Index

Main image: Herod’s Temple as imagined in the Holyland Model of Jerusalem; east at the bottom. image credit: Berthold Werner – Own work.

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