12 Days of Christmas Quiz – Day 3

Scripture Enigma No. 1
1. This was sent by David to Joab; was spread out before the Lord in prayer by Hezekiah; was sent out in great numbers by Ahasuerus, first to condemn a nation and then to reverse that command.
2. One of two brothers who drove the oxen when the Ark of God was being brought back by David.
3. An expression of gladness and rejoicing. It is mentioned. on Saul’s return from battle; in the service of the Temple; and at the worshipping of Nebuchadnezzar’s image.
4. A king of Moab who sent for a soothsayer offering great promises of reward.

The initials and finals form two of the titles of Christ: one being the type of His sacrifice for sin in the Jewish dispensation; and the other that of His life-giving power.

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  1. Answer to Scripture Enigma No. 3

    1. L ette R ….. 2 Sam. xi. 14; 2 Kings xix. 14; Esth. iii.13; viii. 10.
    2. A hi O ….. 2 Sam. vi. 3.
    3. M usi C ….. 1 Sam. xviii. 6; 2 Chr. v. 13; Dan. iii. 5.
    4. B ala K ….. Num. xxii. to end of xxiv.

    Lamb ….. Exod. xii. 3-14.
    Rock ….. Num. xx. 11; 1 Cor. x. 4.

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