12 Days of Christmas Quiz – Day 1

This Christmas I will be uploading 12 Bible quizzes from the magazine Sunday at Home first published in 1889. One question will be placed on my blog each day and the answer the next day in the comments. My wife and I enjoyed trying to answer them and we hope you do to. You may need a King James Version for some of questions. There are no prizes – just the fun of pitting your wits against Christians from 1889!

A City of Scripture No. 1

1. This city had two names; another city was built by an old inhabitant and called by one of the names.
2. “The terror of God” fell on some cities near it.
3. Before the temple was built, a feast to the Lord was held yearly in a town just to the north of this city.
4. A famous judge visited it, and two friends passed through it together.
5. Sacrifices were offered there, both to Jehovah and to an idol, and idolatrous priests dwelt there.
6. When a company went up against it “the Lord was with them “; one of its citizens betrayed it to the enemy.
7. A vow was made there.
8. A woman was buried there, and h famous palm-tree grew near.
9. A young king met three men on their way thither and received a gift from them.
10. Spoil from the Amalekites was sent to the elders there by a king.
11. Three miracles took place there, on the same day.
12. A priest from Samaria, who had been taken prisoner, came and dwelt there.
13. A traveller sat down to rest under a tree near it.
14. Forty-two people were killed there in one day, but not in battle.
15. A prophet was sent there who foretold the birth of a good king.
16. One who had just visited the city met with sudden death.
17. The ashes remaining from idolatrous vessels that had been burned, were carried there.

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  1. Answer to a City of Scripture No. 1


    (1) Judges i. 23, 26; (2) Gen. xxxv. 1, 5; (3) Judges xxi. 19; (4) 1 Sam. vii. 16; 2 Kings ii 1. 2; (5) Gen. xxxv. 14, 15; 1 Kings xii. 32; (6) Judges i. 22. 24. 25; (7) Gen. xxviii. 19-21; (8) xxxv. 8; Judges iv. 5; (9) 1 Sam. x. 3; (10) xxx. 26, 27; (11) 1 Kings xiii. 4, 5, 6; (12) 2 Kings xvii. 28; (13) 1 Kings xiii. 14; (14) 2 Kings ii. 23, 24; (15) 1 Kings xiii. 1, 2; (16) 24; (17) 2 Kings xxiii. 4.

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