Princeton Theological Review

The Princeton Theological Review was published between 1903 and 1929 and each issue has lengthy articles covering a range of subjects including theology, biographical studies, church history and Christian missions. Its contributors included such notable theologians as B.B. Warfield, James Orr & J. Gresham Machen. Princeton Seminary has very helpfully digitised the entire series and made it available here.

I have provided an enhanced table of contents here which links directly to the PDF versions of the articles. Eventually many of these very useful articles this listing will be integrated into the bibliographies on the Theology on the Web sites.

Journal of the Irish Christian Study Centre

Journal of the Irish Christian Study Centre

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I have found that starting a digitisation project for one journal often leads to expected results. In this case while I was writing to authors for permissions for Irish Biblical Studies two further journals were suggested as possible candidates for scanning. One of these was the Journal of the Irish Christian Study Centre. This only can for five issues, but contains a good number of interesting articles. Thanks to the kind permission of the former chairman of the Study Centre this material is now available on-line for free access. I would also like to thank Drs Peter Whyte and David N. Livingstone for their assistance. You can download the Journal here.

Theological Journal Introductions, Part 1

Theology on the Web Lists 88 theological journals which it either hosts, links to or provides an enhanced table of contents for the journal. Many of the journals are not available elsewhere on the Web, so I thought it would be useful to produce a video series to introduce them, so that my website visitors can judge whether their content will be of help to them in their studies.

The journal featured here are:

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