Website Development Plans for 2015

Theology on thr Web NewsOver the Christmas holiday I have evaluating how best to spend my time on Website development and have decided on the following plans for 2015 (in no particular order):

Plans for 2015

1) Addition of at least one free-to-download commentary on each book of the Bible

Looking at my visitor logs for 2014 I was clear that the most popular downloads were of commentaries. During 2015 I will be trying to find more public domain works that still have value to the biblical exegete and make them available via the website.

2) Digitisation of a Kymer/English Theological Journal

Continuing in my commitment to make international Biblical Scholarship available I am very pleased to announce that I have received permission to digitise Honeycomb – a Kymer-English journal from Cambodia. I am looking forward to making this available – hopefully by Easter.

3) Continuing the digitisation of public domain materials from long-running theological journals

A number of theological journals have been published for so long that much of their older material is now in the public domain. These include:

Bulletin of the John Rylands Library

Journal of Theological Studies (old series)

Journal of the Transactions of the Victoria Institute

Palestine Exploration Quarterly

4) New Public Domain Material

As of 1st January for those publications covered by the “70-year from death of author” copyright term, those works by authors who died during 1944 and before have entered the public domain. I will be therefore working through my sites and making this material available. These include works by:

James Moffatt [1870-1944]

Robert Martin Pope [1865-1944]

Thomas Banks Strong [1861-1944]

Visitor numbers to the websites continue to climb, and are expected to exceed 2 million  this year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my readers for their ongoing support and encouragement.

Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology 31.1

Africa Journal of Evangelical TheologyVolume 31.1 (2012) of the Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology is now available for free download by permission of the editorial team at Scott Christian University, Nairobi, Kenya.

This issue focuses on the problem of AIDS/HIV in Africa. It offers some theological perspectives on this subject and considers the wider implications for our understanding evil and its effects in this world.

Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology 31.1 (2012) Table of Contents

  • Andrew Wildsmith, “AIDS and Theology: Introduction,”
  • Samuel Ngewa, “Who is the Neighbour? An Application of Luke 10:30-37 to the HIV and AIDS Crisis,”
  • Diane Stinton, “‘Into Africa’: Contextual Research Methods for Theology and HIV and AIDS in Africa,”
  • Priscilla Adoyo, “Sexual Issues, HIV/AIDS, and the Role of the Church,”
  • J. Nkansah-Obrempong, “Theology and HIV and AIDS,”
  • Mary Getui/E. Odongi, “Gender Issues in Relation to HIV and AIDS,”
  • Peter Okaalet, “The Church and AIDS in Africa: Towards a Spiritual Answer,”
  • John Chaplin, “Some New Perspectives and Advances on HIV and AIDS Prevention and Treatment,”
  • Keith Ferdinando, “Evil and AIDS: An African Perspective,”
  • Rich Harrell/Committee, “Theological Perspective on HIV and AIDS: Summary statements,”
  • “Resources and Books,”

Click here to visit the download page.

Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology 31.2 (3012) Table of Contents

  • Editorial, “Controversy in Politics, Ideology, Theology and the Church,”
  • Judith L. Hill, “The New Testament and Political Democracy,”
  • Timothy M. Njoya, “Church and Politics: With Aspects Relating to Governance, Public Policy and Ethnicity,”
  • Joseph B.O. Okello, “The Pastors, Politics and People of Kenya,”
  • Patrick U. Nwosu, “The Ideal State in Jesus’ Ministry and Contemporary Nigeria.”
  • Tersur Aben, “Is Postmodernism Coherent?”
  • Mark Olander, “Creative Teaching Methods in Theological Education,”
  • Danny McCain, “Pentecostals and Others: Challenging and Learning from Each Other,”
  • “Book Reviews,”
  • “Books Received,”

Issue 31.2 should be available on-line in 2015.

“The Pentecostal Educator” now on-line

The Pentecostal EducatorThe World Alliance for Pentecostal Theological Education (WAPTE) have just published the first issue of their new open access e-journal, The Pentecostal Educator. They offer a pdf of the complete issue on their website and have very kindly allowed me to host pdfs of individual articles and a table on contents on here.

According to the editorial [p.5], the journal has the following priorities:

• It is committed to theological education. Many of the teachers and professors teaching in Pentecostal institutions around the world are qualified in their specific fields – theology, Bible, church history etc. However, very few have had the advantage of good teacher training. Assessment, pedagogy and even class presentation is often completely ignored in the process of training Pentecostal Theological educators. This journal is a small attempt to encourage best practice in teaching among theological educators.

• This journal provides an ideal platform for educators to publish in a peer reviewed learned journal. I would encourage educators from around the world to develop their publishing credentials and, in so doing, assist their peers.

• Finally, this journal is intended to be a meeting place where meaningful conversations can take place and where both theological and educational constructs and concepts can be developed in a meaningful way.

The Pentecostal Educator 1.1 – Table of Contents

Prince Guneratnam, “Endorsement Letter,” The Pentecostal Educator 1.1 (Fall 2014): 4.

Paul R. Alexander, “Introduction to the Journal – Editorial,” The Pentecostal Educator 1.1 (Fall 2014): 5.

Rick Wadholm Jr., “Volume Editorial,” The Pentecostal Educator 1.1 (Fall 2014): 6-7.

William K. Kay, “Aims of Christian Education,” The Pentecostal Educator 1.1 (Fall 2014): 8-21.

Velli-Mati Kärkäinnen, “‘Epistemology, Ethos, and Environment’: In Search of a Theology of Pentecostal Theological Education,” The Pentecostal Educator 1.1 (Fall 2014): 22-36.

Byron Klaus, “What Meaneth This? Edinburgh, Stone Church, and Doctors of the Church!” The Pentecostal Educator 1.1 (Fall 2014): 37-41.

Todd M. Johnson, “Book Review: Hunter, H. D. and Ormerod, N., eds.: The Many Faces of Global Pentecostalism,” The Pentecostal Educator 1.1 (Fall 2014): 42-44.