Journal Digitisation – Your Help Requested

Journals needed for Digitisation

As many of you know I am currently working on the digitisation of theological journals whose older editions are now mostly in the Public Domain – one of which is The Expository Times. Are there any readers of this blog in the UK who have access to issues of this journal who would be willing to either donate or loan them so that I can make the Public Domain articles within them available on-line for free? If you can, please let me know.

You can see current progress on The Expository Times project here.


Issues of Palestine Exploration Quarterly (1929-1944) and The Bulletin of the John Rylands Library (pre-1945) are also required.

Digitisation of The Expositor

For the last few months I have been giving priority to the digitisation of the Victorian journal, The Expositor. My reasons for this are two-fold.

Firstly, the journal contains hundreds of useful articles by such authors as B.B. Warfield and William R. Ramsay which deserve a wider readership. Secondly, the first eight series took up around twelve feet of shelf-space, and that space is at a premium in our flat.The Expositor journal

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So, with the completion of the digitisation is Series 4 this evening, six-feet of shelf-space has been freed, and 1,586 articles – most previously unavailable – are now on-line. Click on the links below to read them.

Series 1 – Vols 1 – 12 (1875-1880)
Series 2 – Vols. 1 – 8 (1881-1884)
Series 3 – Vols. 1 – 10 (1885-1889)
Series 4 – Vols. 1 – 10 (1890-1894)

Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology (2015)

The latest edition of the Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology is now available for free download.

Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology (2015) – Table of Contents

Sir Patrick Allen, “Fortifying the Foundations, Forging Into New Frontiers Because I am a Christian,” 1-20.

Garnett Roper, “Mark 5 and Caribbean Theology,” 21-53.

Janice Glenn, “Tamar: Fulfilling Purpose,” Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology 14 (2015): 54-62.

Noel Leo Erskine, “‘Love As Jesus Loves’: 2014 Commencement Address Jamaica Theological Seminary,” 63-71.

D.V. Palmer, “Servant Song, Messianic Social Justice, and Human Flourishing in the Commonwealth Caribbean,” 72-102.

Angelique Gardener, “Valedictorian,” 103-109.

Click here to download the complete issue.