Melanesian Journal of Theology Vol. 32.2 (2016)

Melanesian Journal of TheologyVolume 32.2 of the Melanesian Journal of Theology is now available for free download in PDF. Please visit the download page for the links.

Melanesian Journal of Theology Table of Contents Vol. 32.2 (2016)


Peer Reviewed Articles

Kenneth Nehrbass, “Melanesian Morality and Biblical Virtues,” 81-102.

Kim Papaioannou, “Motifs of Death and Hell in the Teaching of Jesus: Part 1—An Examination of Hades,”  103-133.

Andrew Murray, “What About the Wantok System?” 134-147.

Summary Article

Sussie Stanley, “Evil and Human Suffering in View of God’s Plan of Redemption in the Great Controversy Context,” 149-176

Book Review

Brandon Zimmerman, “Andrew Murray, Thinking about Political Things: An Aristotelian Approach to Pacific Life,” 177-192.

More About this Journal

Published by the Melanesian Association of Theological Schools (MATS), the Melanesian Journal of Theology was established to stimulate theological writing in Melanesia and to provide a scholarly forum for faculty and graduate students of the MATS member schools. Article submissions in the areas of applied theology, biblical studies, missiology, and theology are also invited from anyone with an interest in Melanesia and the wider South Pacific.

The Melanesian Journal of Theology is committed to the discussion of Christian faith and practice within the context of Melanesian cultures. Article submissions of up to 8,000 words (including footnotes) should be sent to the Editor. All submissions are subjected to an anonymous peer-review process designed to ensure that published articles meet appropriate scholarly standards.

The opinions expressed in the articles published in this journal are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Editor or the member colleges of MATS. All articles have been edited to meet the requirements of the journal.

The journal is published semi-annually, normally in April and October.

Articles may be submitted to the Editor at any time for consideration.

Latest Issue of Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology available

Evangelical Association of the Caribbean serves as the on-line home for the Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology. CJET is the academic journal of Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association, Jamaica Theological Seminary and Caribbean Graduate School of Theology. I am very pleased to announce that Volume 16 (2017) is now available for here for free download in PDF.

Vol. 16 (2017) Table of Contents

Julie-Ann Dowding, “1 Corinthians 6: 9-11 As A Caribbean Response To The Homosexual Agenda,” Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology 16 (2016): 1-26.

Zifus James, “The Reception of the Sermon on The Mount in a Caribbean Context: Matthew 5:4,” Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology 16 (2016): 29-51.

Teddy Jones, “A Caribbean Theology of the Environment (Part 2),” Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology 16 (2016): 52-80.

Paul Hemmings, “The Relevance of Systematic Theology For Ministry in the Caribbean,” Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology 16 (2016): 81-98.

Dionne Lindo-Witter, “Book Review: Biblical Exegesis In The Apostolic Period (Richard N Longenecker),” Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology 16 (2016): 99-104.

Andre Scarlett, “A Theodicy Concerning Caribbean Slavery: Towards A Theology Of Black Identity (Part 1),” Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology 16 (2016): 105-131.

Delano V. Palmer, “Romans 7 Once Again,” Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology 16 (2016): 132-164.

Click here to visit the volume 16 download page and explore the contents of the earlier volumes.

European Journal of Theology Articles 1992-2011 available

European Journal of TheologyThe European Journal of Theology is a tri-lingual theological journal. For those not familiar with it there is a short video introduction below. To subscribe, please visit the publisher’s website.

I have just uploaded most of the 2011 articles by permission of the editor and the authors. Below is the table of contents for 2011. Please visit the full table of contents pages to download the articles.

20.1 (2011)

Pieter Lalleman, “Editorial,” p.3.

I. Howard Marshall, “Evangelical New Testament Interpretation within the contemporary scene,” pp.4-14.

Christoph Stenschke, “Judaea in the First Century AD. A Review of recent scholarly contributions and their implications,” pp.15-28.

W. Creighton Marlowe, “The Sin of Shinar (Genesis 11:4),” pp.29-39.

Ed Mackenzie, “The Quest for the political Paul: assessing the apostle’s approach to Empire.”  pp.40-50.

John E. Colwell, “Theology, Piety and prayer: on the study of theology,”  pp.51-59.

Patrick Nullens, “Dietrich Bonhoeffer: a third way of Christian social engagement,” European Journal of Theology 20.1 (2011): 60-69.

“Book Reviews,” pp.70-96.

20.2  (2011)

Pieter Lalleman, “Editorial,” p.99.

Krish Kandiah, “Authentic Evangelism? Revelation, truth and worship in late modern, pluralistic Europe,” pp.100-110.

Johannes Reimer, “European Christian Renaissance and Public Theology,” pp.111-118.

Stefan Paas, “Prepared for a missionary ministry in 21st century Europe,” pp.119-130.

Elizabeth Pinder-Ashenden, “How Jewish thinkers come to terms with the Holocaust and why it matters for this generation: a selected survey and comment,” pp.131-138.

Svetlaba Knobnya, “God the Father in the Old Testament,” pp.139-148.

Stephen M. Garrett, “Beauty as the Point of Connection Between Theology and Ethics,” pp.149-158.

“Book Reviews,” pp.159-187.

Introducing the European Journal of Theology