New Website Layout

New Website Layout 1

Regular visitors will have noticed that some of the pages on the BiblicalStudies website have changed their appearance. For various reasons it has become necessary to begin to roll-out a new page design:

  • The current design has not been changed in 11 years and looks its age.
  • The pages are based on old-fashioned tables based layouts rather than cascading style sheets.
  • The sidebars were looking very cluttered and distracting and needed cutting down to size.
  • The majority of new visitors, particularly those from the Majority World, are expected to be accessing the Internet using hand-held devices with smaller screens than you would use on a standard PC.

The new layout uses Dreamweaver v.6’s new fluid page features that adapts the pages dynamically depending on how wide the viewer’s screen is. Someone using a PC would see something like this:
Whereas if you have a tablet you might see this:
Or you might see this on a mobile phone:
Note how the right-hand column has now moved down below the main content and that the images shrink as the screen size gets smaller. The roll=out will take several weeks to complete.

What do you think of the new design? Do leave a comment and let me know.

Churchman Journal now available online

The Church Society made the following announcement earlier today:

Church Society are pleased to report that Rob Bradshaw, Director of “Theology on the Web“, has recently digitised and uploaded to the internet, most back articles of Churchman (est 1879), dating from the 1920s. Click here to view the Churchman page on Rob’s Biblical Studies website. It is hoped in due course that these files will also be made available on the Churchman website.

Rob Bradshaw comments:

“Due to the growing demand, particularly from Bible Colleges and teachers in the Majority World for this kind of material it was a great encouragement to be asked to digitise and make available on-line the back-issues of (The) Churchman. This not only represents the largest single collection yet made available by Theology on the Web, but also one of the most valuable, both in terms of the diversity of subjects covered and the expertise of the individual contributors. The scanned articles will be available both on the Church Society website and on More of the older articles will be added as copies of the rarer issues become available for scanning.

Since 2001 “Theology on the Web” has sought to make high quality theological articles freely available via the Internet. Working in partnership with authors and publishers these websites now host over 15,000 articles from over 60 theological journals, many of which can be accessed on-line nowhere else and are difficult to obtain in print, even in the UK.”

Book Review: Platform by Michael Hyatt

Book Review: Platform by Michael Hyatt 2
Book Review: Platform by Michael Hyatt 3

I have read a lot of material on how to promote a product on the Web, but Michael Hyatt’s book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World [Thomas Nelson, 2012. Hbk. ISBN-13: 978-1595555038. pp.224] stands out from the crowd. Having bought the audio book I was so impressed that I bought a hard copy in order to access the web addresses in the footnotes. I found it particularly helpful for the following reasons:

* Although its content is not explicitly Christian in focus, having been written by the head of a major Christian  Publisher I have confidence that his advice will work in a Christian context on-line.

* I was encouraged by the number of things he recommended that I was already doing or just needed minor tweeking for optimal performance. This showed me that his advice was in line with that I had already received, but added something more to what they had said.

* Hyatt recommends a selection of third party apps (some free, some not) which I was not aware of. Given the plethora of apps available it is extremely helpful to hear from someone who has tested and evaluated them in the course of his work.

So, if you are at all interested in making your voice heard on-line for whatever reason, I can heartily recommend this title.

What do you think? Are there other books or on-line resources that you have found helpful in promoting your product or service?