The Baptist Magazine

Baptist Magazine (1809-1904) Digitisation Almost Complete

The Baptist Magazine was published for 95 years between 1809 and 1904. It is remarkable that such an important publication has never been digitised and made available online before. Complete sets of this journal very rare making it very difficult to access such old books.

The Evangelical Library

Spurgeon’s College has around 80 volumes of the The Baptist Magazine in its archive which have now been scanned and, thanks to the Strict Baptist Historical Society’s library (now housed at the Evangelical Library in North London), I have just added another ten. You can download all the available volumes free of charge here.

The usefulness of having these historic magazines available in digital form can easily be demonstrated. The life and work of Baptist missionary and abolitionist William Knibb [1803-1845] is often the subject of research. A bibliography of William Knibb works can now be provided to students that gives instant access to numerous early sources that have been almost impossible to obtain.

Your Help Requested

The following years are still missing from the set:

1886; 1887; 1898; 1900; 1901; 1903

If anyone has a copy of the Baptist Magazine for any of these years and is willing to make it available for me to scan, please do get in touch.

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