Aramaic of the Palestinian Talmud

Talmud Readers by Adolf Behrman (1876 – 1942) / Public domain.
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This week’s second free language work is J.T. Marshall’s study of the Aramaic of the Palestinian Talmud. This public domain work was digitised from the copy held in Spurgeon’s College Library.

John Turner Marshall [1850-1923], Manual of the Aramaic Language of the Palestinian Talmud. Grammar, Vocalized Text, Translation and Vocabulary. Leydon: E.J. Brill Ltd., 1929. Hbk. pp.259. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Editor’s Preface
  1. Pronouns
  2. Nouns
  3. Verbs
  4. Numerals
  5. Particles
  • The Place of the Tone
  • Text: Fragments of Galilean Aramaic
  • Translation
  • Vocabulary
  • Index of Text and Translation

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