The Servant of Yahweh by Arthur S. Peake

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Arthur S. Peake’s 1926 Collection of Lectures entitled “The Servant of Yahweh” is now available online in PDF. The short biography in the introduction by Henry Guppy is not yet in Public Domain, so that has been excluded. The portrait of A.S. Peake (above) which serves as the frontispiece looks very useful, so I have included images at various resolutions. You can visit the download page here.

Arthur S. Peake [1865-1929], The Servant of Yahweh Three Lectures Delivered at King’s College, London, During 1926. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1931. Hbk. pp.365. [This material is in the Public Domain]

Table of Contents


Prefatory Note

In Memoriam: A. S. Peake by Henry Guppy [Not in Public Domain, so not included]

The Servant of Yahweh

The Roots of Hebrew Prophecy and Jewish Apocalyptic

Elijah and Jezebel: The Conflict with the Tyrian Baal

Recent Developments in Old Testament Criticism

The Messiah and the Son of Man

The Quintessence of Paulinism

Paul the Apostle: His Personality and Achievement

Paul and the Jewish Christians


The Problem of Suffering in the Old Testament

The Problem of Suffering in the Old Testament by Arthur S. PeakeThe Problem of Suffering in the Old Testament, written by Arthur S. Peake in 1904,  is now available online in PDF. Click here to download.

According to Wikipedia, Arthur Samuel Peake [1865-1929] “…was the first holder of the Rylands Chair of Biblical Criticism and Exegesis in the University of Manchester, from its establishment as an independent institution in 1904. He was thus the first non-Anglican to become a professor of divinity in an English university.” His successors at this post include C.H. Dodd, F.F. Bruce and Barnabas Lindars. He is best known for his One Volume Commentary on the Bible. Perhaps someone could add a link to this text from the Wikipedia article.

The Problem of Suffering in the Old Testament – Contents

  1. The Rise of the Problem
  2. Ezekiel
  3. The Servant of Yahweh
  4. The Problem in Job
  5. Songs in the Night
  6. The Apocalyptist and the Pessimist
  7. Solution or Escape?

Appendix A. Recent Criticism of Habakkuk
Appendix B. Critical Problemsof Isaiah 40-66
Appendix C. The Servant of Yahweh

Rick Wadholm Jr. – The Theological Meaning and Significance of Yom in Genesis 1

Rick Wadholm has kindly allowed me to post a PDF of his Master’s Thesis “The Theological Meaning and Significance of Yom in Genesis 1″. Wadholm argues that when we come to interpreting “Yom” we seldom get any further than arguing whether the “days” are literal or figurative. While this [in my opinion] is not unimportant, the text has far more to teach us than just chronology. Wadholm compares the Genesis account with other accounts of creation from the ANE and concludes that Genesis is unlike any of them.