A New Batch of Journals for Digitisation

Thanks to the generosity of a UK theological library that was reducing its holdings I have tonight taken delivery of eight boxes of journals for digitisation.

These include an almost complete run of The Expository Times and series 8 and 9 of The Expositor. Watch out over the coming weeks for Public Domain material from these being uploaded.

Irish Biblical Studies on-line

Irish Biblical Studies
Irish Biblical Studies

For several years I have pursued the opportunity to host Irish Biblical Studies, which was published by Union Theological College [UTC] in Belfast. The list of scholars who have contributed to it over the years is impressive and includes James Dunn, C.E.B. Cranfield, Dale C. Allison, Jr., David Gooding, Ernest Nicholson, Desmond Alexander, A.D.H. Mayes and many more.

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The journal has now ceased publication and the editor has asked me to make the entire run available on-line, subject to the permission of the individual authors. Many articles are now available and more will be ready for download via the table of contents over the next few months as the authors respond.

My thanks to the editor, Professor J.C. McCullough, and to the librarian at UTC, David Kelly, for their help in making this journal available in this way.

14 Years of Theology on the Web!

14 Years of Theology on the Web
14 Years of Theology on the Web!

Theology on the Web was launched 14 years ago this month. It is exciting to note that this anniversary coincides with three other major milestones in the development of the ministry.

  • There are now over 25,000 free-to-download theological articles hosted on Theology on the Web.
  • 2.3 terabytes of data was downloaded worldwide over the last 12 months. If, like me, you have no idea what that means, it is the data equivalent of downloading 2,300 sets of the Encyclopaedia Britannica!
  • Theology on the Web has now moved to its own Virtual Webserver with greatly increasing speed and capacity as the visitor numbers climb to around 2 million in 2015.

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To mark these events, I have prepared a Press Release which I am sending to Christian News services in the UK and posting online. Please feel free to download and share this document as widely as possible.

Finally, thank you all for making this possible by your ongoing support and encouragement!