Blog Interview: Dr David Hilborn – Moorlands College

Continuing my occasional series of interviews with faculty members of Bible Colleges and Seminaries around the Globe, today I am speaking with Dr David Hilborn. 1) Please introduce yourself and your role at Moorlands College. Converted at 15 and from a non-Christian home, I was nurtured in a United Reformed Church in north Kent. At…

Acts of the Apostles | Series: Cambridge Greek New Testament

Cambridge Greek Testament on Acts – J. Rawson Lumby

This is J. Rawson Lumby’s commentary on the Greek text of the Acts of the Apostles written for students in the 19th Century. This copy came from the reserve stock of Spurgeon’s College library. Joseph Rawson Lumby [1831-1895], The Acts of the Apostles. Cambridge Greek Testament for Schools and Colleges. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1894….

Pastoral epistles | Series: Cambridge Greek New Testament

Pastoral Epistles by J.H. Bernard – Cambridge Greek Testament for Schools

Continuing with the digitisation of volumes of the Cambridge Greek Testament in Spurgeon’s College Library, this is J.H. Bernard’s work on the Pastoral Epistles. Bernard also wrote the 2 volume International Critical Commentary on the Gospel of John. This title are in the public domain. John Henry Bernard [1860-1927], The Pastoral Epistles. Cambridge Greek Testament…