Manuscript of the New Testament with the text of the Second Epistle of John 1-5 (5th or 6th century)
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Epworth Commentary on the Johannine Epistles by William Loader now online

Today’s free book is Dr William Loader’s Epworth Commentary on the Johannine Epistles. My thanks to Dr Loader for his kind permission to host this title, which was digitised from the copy held in Spurgeon’s College library.

William Loader, The Johannine Epistles. Epworth Commentaries. Peterborough: Epworth Press, 1992. Pbk. ISBN: 0716204800. pp.108. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  • General Introduction
  • Preface
  • Introduction
    • I John: its Composition and Structure
    • I John in Outline
    • I John: its Issues and Concerns
    • I John: its Abiding Significance
    • I John and the Gospel of John
    • I John and the Community Tradition
    • II John
    • III John
    • The Gospel according to John, I John, III John, II John
  • Bibliography
  • Commentary
  • The First Epistle of John
    • 1.1-4 Opening
    • 1.5-5.12 The Main Body of the Epistle: Assurance and warning
      • 1.5-2.17 Part One: Fellowship, Obedience and Forgiveness
      • 2.18-27 Part Two: The Dangers of False Teaching
      • 2.28-3.24 Part Three: Christian Life-style in Practice
      • 4.1-5.12 Part Four: The Witness of the Spirit
    • 5.13-21 The Closing: Final Instructions and Encouragement
  • The Second Epistle of John
  • The Third Epistle of John

For more information about the Epworth Commentaries, click here.

Main image: Unknown author – Uncial 0232 (Gregory-Aland), manuscript of the New Testament Manuscript of the New Testament with the text of the Second Epistle of John 1-5. Source: Wikipedia

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