Kafr Kanna described as "Cana of Galilee". Holy Land Photographed by Daniel B. Shepp. 1894

Jesus According to John by J O F Murray

Today’s free book is a commentary on John’s Gospel by John Owen Farquhar Murray, Master of Selwyn College Cambridge. My thanks to Book Aid for making a copy of this public domain title available for digitisation.

John Owen Farquhar Murray [1858-1944], Jesus Accordng to S. John. London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1936. Hbk. pp.383. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. The Origin of the Gospels
  2. The Origin of the Fourth Gospel
  3. The Relation of History to Theology
  4. The Prologue 1:1-18
  5. The First Week of the Ministry1:19-2:12
  6. The Firt Public Act of Jesus as the Lord’s Anointed. 2:13-22
  7. Nicodemus. 2:23-3:36
  8. The Womof Samaria. 4:1-54
  9. Jesus nd the Pharisees. 5:1-47
  10. The Feeding of the Five Thousand. 6:1-71
  11. The Self-Revelation of Jesus in Jerusalem. 7:1-8:59
  12. The Man Born Blind. 9:1-41, 10:1-21
  13. The Good Shepherd. 10:1-42
  14. Jesus Face to Face with Death 11:1-57The Climax at Jerusalem. 12:1-50
  15. The Climax at Jerusalem. 12:1-50
  16. Introduction to the Passion. 13:1-30
  17. Introduction to Discourses. 13:31-38
  18. Conditions of Life in the New Order.14:1-31
  19. The Church and Its Head. 15:1-17
  20. The Church and the World. 15:1-16:15
  21. The Sorrow and the Joy of the Disciples. 16:1-33
  22. The High Priestly Prayer. 17:1-26
  23. Gethsemane in S. John 18:1-40
  24. The Crucifixion. 1:1-42
  25. The First Easter Day. 20:1-31
  26. The Appearance by the Lake. 21:1-25

Main image: Kafr Kanna described as “Cana of Galilee”. Holy Land Photographed by Daniel B. Shepp. 1894. Source: Wikipedia.

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