Complete Run of Journal of the Transactions of the Victoria Institute

Journal of the Tranactions of the Victoria Institute

I first began digitising the Transactions of the Victoria Institute about 13 years ago. Over the years I gradually added articles which had entered the public domain and those for which I could get the author’s permission.

The project took a major step forward in 2018 when Tyndale House library gave me their set and in December I was given permission by the Committee of the Victoria Institute to host the entire run. The project is now complete and all 89 volumes containing around 975 articles are now online. You can also download the entire collection as one zipped archive (1.1 GB download). This archive also contains a bespoke search facility for those looking for specific information within the collection.

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The journal continued as Faith and Thought, which is currently being digitised and should be online by the end of January 2019.