The Sermon on the Mount by Carl Heinrich Bloch, 1877

Preaching the Gospel from the Gospels by G.R. Beasley-Murray

Today’s free book is G.R. Beasley-Murray’s Preaching the Gospel From the Gospels. This in-copyright work is reproduced by permission of the copyright holder, the Rev Dr. Paul Beasley-Murray.

The author of standard scholarly studies of baptism and eschatology in the NT here offers a comprehensive elucidation of themes for preaching from the Gospels. Beasley-Murray first speels out the homiletical significance of the manner in which the Gospels came to be written down.Subsequent chapters mine the life, miracles, teaching, and parables of Jesus for preachable material. This survey will be useful not only for preachers but for anyone interested in integrating Gospel studies with practical theology.

From the back cover.

G.R. Beasley-Murray, Preaching the Gospel from the Gospels. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers, 1996. Pbk. ISBN: 1565631668. pp.282. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  1. Preaching and the Writing of the Gospels
  2. The Gospel in the Life of Jesus
  3. The Gospel in the Miracles of Jesus
  4. The Gospel in the Teaching of Jesus
  5. The Gospel in the Parables of Jesus
  • Postscript
  • Bibliography
  • Index of Modern Authors
  • Index of Ancient Authors

Main image: The Sermon on the Mount by Carl Heinrich Bloch, 1877. Source: Wikipedia.

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