Professor Duncan Derrett on John, Mark, Luke and 1 Corinthians

Professor Duncan Derrett has kindly allowed me to place of of his many contributions to Evangelical Quarterly on-line in PDF and assures me that even though he is now in his 90s we still can expect more articles to come.

J. Duncan M. Derrett, “The Samaritan Woman’s Purity (Jn. 4:4-42),” The Evangelical Quarterly 60.4 (Oct.-Dec. 1988): 291-298.

J. Duncan M. Derrett, “Circumcision and Perfection: a Johannine Equation (John 7:22-23),” The Evangelical Quarterly 63.3 (July-Sept. 1991): 211-224.

J. Duncan M. Derrett, “Getting on Top of a Demon (Luke 4:39),” The Evangelical Quarterly 65.2 (Apr.-June 1993): 99-109.

J. Duncan M. Derrett, “John 9:6 read with Isaiah 6:10; 29:9,” The Evangelical Quarterly 66.3 (July-Sept. 1994): 251-254.

J. Duncan M. Derrett, “‘On that Night’: Luke 17:34,” The Evangelical Quarterly 68.1 (Jan.-Mar. 1996): 35-46.

J. Duncan M. Derrett, “Paul as Master-Builder [1 Corinthians 3:10-13; Romans 15:20; 2 Corinthians 10:13-16],” The Evangelical Quarterly 69.2 (Apr.-June 1997): 129-137.

J. Duncan M. Derrett, “Modes of Renewal (Mark 2:21-22),” The Evangelical Quarterly 72.1 (Jan.-Mar. 2000): 3-12.

J. Duncan M. Derrett, “Preaching to the Coast (Mark 4:1),” The Evangelical Quarterly 73.3 (July-Sept. 2001): 195-203.

Free Theological Resources for Students in the Majority World

I recently received the following question from a site visitor:

Could you also tell me about your site and others that you know of. I am helping start a Ph.D program at a large university in India that does not yet have many resources in theology. What online networks are you familiar with that could/would provide free resources to these students? … These students are exactly the persons you are targeting. They will be extremely grateful not only for your site, but also for others you can recommend.

Ironically because so much of my time is spent placing resources on-line I am not as aware as I should be of other sites out there that are doing the same thing, but I think my starting point when searching for online resources would always be Tyndale House Library’s periodical listing. Not only does this catalogue a vast number of theological journals but it also indicates those which are available online for free access. The listing also shows which journals are available through paid subscription via commercial on-line databases. This is usually, but not always, an indication that these journals cannot now be made freely available on the Web and that they are instead available only to students studying at subscribing educational institutions. The Tyndale House website also hosts the Tyndale Bulletin, digitised by Dr Ted Hildebrandt of Gordon College. Ted has also digitised the Bulletin for Biblical Research, whilst his own website is home to a huge collection of articles from a wide range of Evangelical journals.
Before I leave Tyndale House I must mention perhaps their most significant offering as far as scholarship in the developing is concerned, the STEP Project. In this video Dr David Instone-Brewer introduces and explains the aims of the Project:

I should also say that besides, my other sites under the banner are worth exploring:

That covers the free resources for on-line peer-reviewed theological journals I am aware of. Can anyone else add to the list or suggest other types of resources for Ph.D students? Please feel free to post links and descriptions in the comments.