Theology on the Web is Seventeen

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It is 17 years since the first of the Theology on the Web sites, went on-line.

Here is a quick summary of what has been achieved just in the last year across the seven websites.

  • 1.8  million visitors, that’s just over 5,000 each day
  • More than 35,000 theological articles and books are now available for free download
  • Material from almost 100 theological journals is available, from table of contents to complete text of every article
  • 5.8 Terabytes of this material have been downloaded
  • China and India are both in the top five countries for visitor numbers
  • All sites now included in the e-Granary Project, which sends their entire contents on disk into Universities with little or no Internet access around the world
  • Open Access Commentary Survey Project launched
  • 7 regular financial supporters – two up on last year

A big “Thank You” to all who have helped to make this possible.

Anvil Journal’s Archive

Anvil Journal serves as the official archive site for the print copies of Anvil Journal (1984-2011). Over the last few weeks I have revisited the project and re-contacted authors for their permissions. As a result many of the gaps have now been filled. If you are an Anvil author and your article is not on-line, or if you know who owns the rights to the works of a deceased author, please get in touch with me.

Anvil is now owned and published by the Church Mission Society.

A Word of Encouragement from South Africa

South African FlagI have had a great deal of positive feedback to my last post announcing the launch of a new project to produce an Open Source Commentary Survey. A number of scholars have responded offering to write a survey of commentaries on a book, or group of books of the Bible. Today I also received the following e-mail, which is reproduced here by permission:

My name is Basil Dwyer

I live in a place called Matatiele in South Africa which is a small village in amongst the Drakensberg Mountains.

I have lived in this place for about 35 years, practising as an attorney.

I have also for the same number of years been a local preacher in the Methodist Church and have lead bible studies amongst the town folk and local farmers.

Access to Theological libraries is non – existent and the purchase of Theological books is prohibitive due to the very poor state of our exchange rate.

Your website is therefore literally a Godsend.

If it would be useful to you I would be happy to be part of your survey. Let me know.


Basil Dwyer

I cannot say how encouraging it is to know that the websites are reaching their intended audience around the globe and that they are making a difference for the Gospel. It is sobering to realise the difficulties that people in South Africa have in getting access to printed academic theological material, and this is mirrored in many other countries around the globe. I would also like to express my thanks to Basil and also to those who through their support make running the websites possible.