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Irish Biblical Studies
Irish Biblical Studies

For several years I have pursued the opportunity to host Irish Biblical Studies, which was published by Union Theological College [UTC] in Belfast. The list of scholars who have contributed to it over the years is impressive and includes James Dunn, C.E.B. Cranfield, Dale C. Allison, Jr., David Gooding, Ernest Nicholson, Desmond Alexander, A.D.H. Mayes and many more.

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The journal has now ceased publication and the editor has asked me to make the entire run available on-line, subject to the permission of the individual authors. Many articles are now available and more will be ready for download via the table of contents over the next few months as the authors respond.

My thanks to the editor, Professor J.C. McCullough, and to the librarian at UTC, David Kelly, for their help in making this journal available in this way.

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  1. Thanks!

    Great resource: The article I am most interested in is:

    A.Q. Morton, “Codex Sinaiticus Re-visited,” Irish Biblical Studies 24.1 (Jan. 2002): 14-31.

    Andrew Queen Morton (b. 1919)

    Any help appreciated!

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