Important Announcement Regarding the European Journal of Theology

European Journal of Theology
European Journal of Theology

European Journal of Theology (EJT): Change of publisher – action required

Dear Subscriber,

Those of you who subscribe to the European Journal of Theology (EJT) should have received a message from AlphaGraphics, the current publisher of EJT, that they have decided to stop printing it. The reason for their decision is not that the Journal is not viable, but that they want to focus on their core activity (printing) without investing in new software for administration. At our request, they are handing the publication of EJT to Amsterdam University Press (AUP).

The decision by AlphaGraphics to stop publication will take effect after April 2020. You will thus receive issue 29.1 (April 2020) from AlphaGraphics. Yet you will already have paid for all of the year 2020 (and maybe for subsequent years as well). AlphaGraphics is willing to arrange a refund of these subscription fees. To arrange such refund, please contact them:

  1. By phone on (0044) (0)1642 525 100
  2. By email to [email protected]

FEET has decided to entrust the publication of EJT after April 2020 to AUP who will be publishing issue 29.2 (October 2020) and beyond. We are expecting a very fruitful cooperation with this professional publisher.

AlphaGraphics will not have given your details to AUP unless you gave them permission to do so. FEET does not have all subscribers’ data either. Therefore we and AUP are depending on you to act in order to transfer your subscription. If you want to continue to receive EJT, please contact AUP at [email protected]

Alternatively, you can contact us at FEET:

Secretary Dr Klaus Bensel at [email protected]
Journal editor Dr Pieter J. Lalleman at [email protected]

A third option is that you respond to the communication from AlphaGraphics, giving them consent to pass your details to AUP. In any case, in order to continue receiving EJT, please take action.

Not yet taking EJT?

The European Journal of Theology (EJT, founded in 1992) is a scholarly evangelical journal, exploring the Gospel in response to the rapid transformations in post-Christian Europe. EJT is published by the Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians, whose aim is the innovation of Christianity in Europe through the promotion and encouragement of the study of evangelical theology. EJT is offered as a service to the evangelical theological community.

Dr Pieter Lalleman
Dr Pieter J. Lalleman

All articles offered to EJT are double-blind peer-reviewed and each issue contains numerous book reviews. The intended readers are teachers in theological schools, other theologians, ministers and students.

To subscribe please email [email protected]

Yours sincerely,

Dr Pieter J. Lalleman
Editor of EJT

The archive of the European Journal of Theology is hosted on

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