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C.J. Cadoux, The Historic Mission of Jesus

Cecil John Cadoux was Vice-Principal of Mansfield College Oxford and MacKennal Professor of Church History. He is remembered for his numerous books on pacifism. His brother was Arthur Temple Cadoux, the author of The Sources of the Second Gospel, which as the book I was looking for when I came across this one. My thanks…

Acts of the Apostles | Kingdom of God

Two articles by Anthony Buzzard on the Kingdom of God

My thanks to Dr Buzzard for his kind permission to place on-line the following articles in PDF: Anthony Buzzard, “The Kingdom of God in the Twentieth-Century Discussion and the Light of Scripture,” The Evangelical Quarterly 64.2 (Apr.-June 1992): 99-115. Anthony Buzzard, “Acts 1:1-6 and the Eclipse of the Biblical Kingdom,” The Evangelical Quarterly 66.3 (July-Sept….

Kingdom of God

I. Howard Marshall on “The Kingdom of God”

Howard Marshall provides an excellent summary of a complex subject. This article was originally published in Themelios the article is reproduced by kind permission of SPCK. I. Howard Marshall, “The Hope of a New Age, the Kingdom of God in the New Testament,” Themelios 11.1 (1985): 5-15. = Jesus the Saviour. Studies in New Testament…