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Transactions of the Congregational Historical Society Now Online

The primary purpose of Theology on the Web is to make Biblical scholarship accessible to Bible students and ministers at no cost. However, over the years a secondary purpose has developed, that of providing an online archive for historical societies from various denominations. Here you will find resources by Baptist, Wesleyan and United Reformed Church historians and researchers. To this list I am happy to announce the addition of the complete run (1901-1971) of the Transactions of the Congregational Historical Society – 21 volumes, 119 issues and around 1,000 articles. My thanks to the kind permission of the United Reformed Church Historical Society, who hold the copyright. These scans were made from the set of the journal held in Spurgeon’s College Library.

Click here to access the table of contents for this journal and download its contents

The Transactions include material on a wide range of subject relating to nonconformist churches. You will find articles on Selina Countess of Huntingdon, John Bunyan and Richard Baxter.

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