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How to Study


Annotated Bibliographies

Book or monograph Glynn: Commentary and Reference SurveyJohn Glynn, Commentary and Reference Survey. Grand Rapids: Kregel Academic & Professional, 2003. Pbk. ISBN: 0825427363. pp.320. {CBD} {}
Book or monograph Knut Holter, Old Testament Research for Africa: A Critical Analysis and Annotated Bibliography of African Old Testament Dissertations, 1967-2000. Bible and Theology in Africa, 3. New York: Peter Lang, 2000. ISBN: 0820457884. pp.vii+143.
On-line Resource Religious and Theological Abstracts. A very useful site.

Computer Software

On-line Resource Free Bible Software
Article in Journal or Book H. Van Dyke Parunak, "Windows Software for Bible Study," Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 46.3 (September 2003): 465-495.

How to Study

Book or monograph How to Read a BookMortimer J. Adler & Charles Van Doren, How to Read a Book. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1972. Pbk. ISBN: 0671212095. pp.426. {CBD} {}
Book or monograph Baird: History of New Testament ResearchWilliam Baird, History of New Testament Research, Vol 1. Augsburg Fortress Publishers, 1992. Pbk. ISBN: 0800626265. pp.488. {CBD} {}
On-line Resource Research Strategies Finding Your Way through the Information Fog (William Badke)
Book or monograph An Introduction To Theological ResearchCyril J. Barber, Robert M. Krauss, J. P Moreland, An Introduction To Theological Research, 2nd edn. University Press of America, 2000. Pbk. ISBN: 0761816593. pp.192. {CBD} {}
Book or monograph Brown: What They Don't Tell YouMichael Brown, What They Don't Tell You: A Survivor's Guide to Biblical Studies. Louisville, KY: Westminster / John Knox Press, 2000. Pbk. ISBN: 066422220X. pp.154. {CBD} {}
Book or monograph Encoutering God's Word. Beginning Biblical StudiesPhilip Duce & Daniel Strange, eds., Encoutering God's Word. Beginning Biblical Studies. Leicester: Apollos, 2003. Pbk. ISBN: 0851117929. pp.219.
On-line Resource Seth Erlandsson, "Is there ever Biblical Research without Presuppositions?" TSF Bulletin 65 (Spring 1973): 1-5. View in PDF format pdf [Reproduced by permission of the current copyright holder]
On-line Resource Suggested Elements to Be Included in Book Reviews (Dr. Loren L. Johns)
On-line Resource Twenty-Seven Common Misspellings and Grammatical Confusions Or, How to Demonstrate to Others Your Education (or Lack Thereof) (Dr. Loren L. Johns)
On-line Resource V. Philips Long, "Renewing Conversations: Doing Scholarship in an Age of Skepticism, Accommodation, and Specialization," Bulletin for Biblical Research 13.2 (2003): 227-249.View in PDF format pdf
Book or monograph Mann: The Oxford Guide to Library ResearchThomas Mann, The Oxford Guide to Library Research. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998. Pbk. ISBN: 0195123131. {CBD} {}
Book or monograph James E. Mauch & Jack W. Birch, Guide to the Successful Thesis and Dissertation (Books in Library & Information Science Series), 4th edn. Marcel Dekker, 1998. Hbk. ISBN: 0824701690. {}
On-line Resource John B. Taylor, "The Mind in NT Christianity," TSF Bulletin 57 (Summer 1970): 1-3. View in PDF format pdf [Reproduced by permission of the current copyright holder]
Article in Journal or Book P. Thagard, "The Best Explanation: Criterion for Theory Choice," Journal of Philosophy 75 (1978): 76-92.
On-line Resource Carl Trueman, "The Importance of Being Earnest: Approaching Theological Study," Themelios 26.1 (Autumn 2000): 34-47.
On-line Resource Edward J. Young, "Some Thoughts on Old Testament Scholarship," Faith and Thought 93.2 (1963): 74-87.View in PDF format pdf


On-line Resource British Library Manuscipts Catalogue
On-line Resource Dr. Williams's Library, 14 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0AG; Tel.: +44 (0)20 7387 3727. Fax: +44 (0)20 7388 1142. e-mail:
On-line Resource Colin J. Hemer, "Bibliographies of Scholars: Resources of Tyndale Library," Tyndale Bulletin 33 (1982): 137-164. View in PDF format pdf
On-line Resource Gladstone's Library, Church Lane, Hawarden, Flintshire. CH5 3DF. Reception: + 44 (0)1244 532350. Fax: + 44 (0)1244 520643.
On-line Resource Tyndale House, Cambridge UK. Residential Centre for Biblical Studies

Library Indices

On-line Resource Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries. Union List of Periodicals.
On-line Resource COPAC is a union catalogue. It provides FREE access to the merged online catalogues of 22 of the largest university research libraries in the UK and Ireland PLUS the British Library.
On-line Resource Colin J. Hemer, "Bibliographies of Scholars: Resources of Tyndale Library," Tyndale Bulletin 33 (1982): 137-164. View in PDF format pdf
On-line Resource Library of Congress On-line Catalogue
On-line Resource Libdex - International Library Index

Plagiarism - what it is and how to avoid it

On-line Resource, the on-line resource for people concerned with the growing problem of Internet plagiarism.
On-line Resource The Plagiarism Advisory Service provides generic advice and guidance on all aspects of plagiarism prevention and detection to institutions, academics and students.

Student Helps

On-line Resource L'Année philologique - 350,000 bibliographic records for the years 1969 to 1999, with 12,500 new records added each year.
Article in Journal or Book Bruce H. Grigsby, "A Proposed Guide For Citing Rabbinic Texts," Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 24.1 (1981): 83-90.
Article in Journal or Book Edith Lubetski, "Online Resources for Biblical Studies: A Sampling, Currents in Research: Biblical Studies 8 (2000): 134-145.
Book or monograph Pocket Dictionary of Biblical StudiesArthur G. Patzia & Anthony J. Petrotta, Pocket Dictionary of Biblical Studies. Leicester: IVP, 2002. Pbk. ISBN: 0851112684. pp. 128. {CBD} {}
On-line Resource 70,000 online books and journals. Are you ready? Questia On-line Library

Style Guides

Book or monograph The SBL Handbook of StylePatrick H. Alexander, John F. Kutsko, James D. Ernest, Shirley Decker-Lucke & David L. Petersen, , eds., The SBL Handbook of Style: For Ancient Near Eastern, Biblical, and Early Christian Studies. Peabody, Massachusetts: Hendrickson Publishers, 1999. ISBN 156563487X. pp.304. {}
Book or monograph The Chicago Manual of StyleErnest Hinchliffe, The Chicago Manual of Style, 14th edn. University of Chicago Press, 1993. Hbk. ISBN: 0226103897. pp.924. {CBD} {}
On-line Resource The Chicago Manual of Style On-line FAQ