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Book Description

Zechariah and His Prophecies, Considered in Relation to Modern Criticism: with a Critical and Grammatical Commentary and New Translation. Eight Lectures Delivered Before the University of Oxford in the Year 1878, on the Foundation of the Late Rev. John Bampton, M.A., Canon of Sailsbury
Publication Year:
Hodder & Stoughton
Commentary, Old Testament, Zechariah, Bampton Lectures
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Charles Henry Hamilton Wright [1836-1909], Zechariah and His Prophecies

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    1. Notices of the Prophet Zechariah
    2. The Name of the Prophet
    3. The Date of His Earlier Predictions
    4. External Evidence as to the Unity of the Book
    5. Sketch of the Rise and Progress of Critical Opinion on the Quesiton od its Integrity
    6. The Differences Between the First and Second Portions of the Book
    7. Considerations in Favour of Its Integrity and Genuineness
    8. Critical Apparatus
  • New Translation of the Book of Zechariah
  1. The First Three Visions (Zech. i. ii.)
  2. The Forth Vision (Zech. iii)—Joshua Before the Angel
  3. The Fifth Vision—The Golden Candlestick (Zech. iv)
  4. The Sixth Vision—The Flying Scroll, and the Women in the Ephah (Zech. v.)
  5. The Seventh Vision—The Four Chariots (Zech. vi, 1-8)
  6. The Crowing of the High Priest (Zech. vii. viii.)
  7. The Deputation from Bethel—Addresses of Zechariah to the People (Zech. vii. viii.)
  8. The Preparation of the Land—The Coming of the King (Zech. ix)
  9. The War of the Sons of Zion—THe "Lost Tribes" (Zech. x.)
  10. The Good Shepherd and His Rejection—The Evil Shepherd and his Doom (Zech. xi.)
  11. The Trials and Victory of Israel—THe Great Mourning (Zech. xii.)
  12. The Reaction Against False Prophets—The Great Transgression (Zech. xiii.)
  13. The Eschatology of Zechariah, or "The Last Things" as Seen in the Light of the Old Dispensation (Zech. xiv)
  • Critical and Grammatical Commentary
  • Index of Texts Illustrated
  • General Index