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Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1972. ISBN: 0822302888. pp.332.

Copyright 1972 Duke University Press
Reproduced by kind permission of the copyright holder.

Table of Contents

List of AbbreviationsView in PDF format pdf
Editor's NoteView in PDF format pdf
William Franklin StinespringView in PDF format pdf
The Use of the Old Testament in the New by D. Moody Smith, Jr.View in PDF format pdf
The Rahab Saga (Joshua 2): Some Form-Critical ad Traditio­historical Observations by Gene M. TuckerView in PDF format pdf
Spiritual Obduracy and Parable Purpose by Frank E. Eakin, Jr.View in PDF format pdf
The Israelite Cult and Christian Worship by Donald L. WilliamsView in PDF format pdf
The Condemnation of Edom in Post-Exilic Judaism by Bruce C. CressonView in PDF format pdf
H. Wheeler Robinson and the Problem of Organizing an Old Testament Theology by Max E. PolleyView in PDF format pdf
A Divine Banquet at Ugarit by Marvin H. PopeView in PDF format pdf
"Of Cabbages And Kings"-Or Queans: Notes On Ben Sira 36:18-21 by John StrugnellView in PDF format pdf
Anthropology and Soteriology in the Dead Sea Scrolls and in the New Testament by William Hugh BrownleeView in PDF format pdf
A Study of Gnostic Exegesis of the Old Testament by Orval WintermuteView in PDF format pdf
תועכא in Earliest Christianity by J. H. CharlesworthView in PDF format pdf
The Old Testament In Mark's Gospel by Hugh AndersonView in PDF format pdf
Note On Mark 5:43 by James M. EfirdView in PDF format pdf
The Moral Teaching of the Early Church by W. D. DaviesView in PDF format pdf