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Two Hebrew Prophets. Studies in Hosea and Ezekiel
Publication Year:
Lutterworth Press
Ezekiel, Job, Old Testament
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Public domain

Henry Wheeler Robinson [1872-1945], Two Hebrew Prophets. Studies in Hosea and Ezekiel

Table of Contents

  • Editor's Note - Ernest A. Payne
  • The Cross in Hosea
    • The Marriage of Hosea
      1. The Actual Events
      2. The Application to Religion
      3. The Higher Anthropomorphism
      4. The Passibility of God
      5. The Relation to Historical Revelation
    • The Inwardness of Sin
      1. Hosea' s Personal Experience of Moral Evil
      2. The Social Environment of Sin
      3. The Inner Alienation
      4. The Atrophy of the Will
      5. Sin against the Background of Grace
    • The Victory of Grace
      1. The Initiative of Grace
      2. The Redemptive Work of Grace
      3. The Discipline of Grace
      4. The Response to Grace
  • The Visions of Ezekiel
    • Historical Background and Literary Criticism
      1. Politics and Religion
      2. The Problems of the Book and Some Attempted Solutions
      3. Ezekiel Prophet of Judah and Babylon
    • The Prophetic Consciousness of Ezekiel
      1. The Two Calls
      2. The Symbolic Acts
      3. The Hand and the Spirit of Jahweh
      4. The Prophet and the Priest
    • The Theology of Ezekiel
      1. The Honour of God
      2. The Sin of ldolatry
      3. Individual Retribution
      4. Regeneration
    • Israel and the Nations
      1. The Judgment on Israel
      2. The Judgment on the Nations
      3. The Restoration oflsrael