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Book Description

The Text and Canon of the New Testament
Publication Year:
New Testament, Textual Criticism, Canon
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • The Text of the New Testament
  • Ancient Texts and Their Transmission
  • Sources of the New Testament Text
  • Greek Manuscripts
  • The Older Versions: Latin and Syriac
  • The Older Versions (Egyptian [Coptic] Versions, Gothic)
  • Secondary Versions
  • Patristic (and Other Early) Citations
  • Printed Editions of the Greek New Testament
  • Principles of Criticism, etc.
  • The Future Out
  • The Canon of the New Testament
    1. Preliminary: The Idea and the Work
    2. Earliest Collections of Testament Books
    3. The Earliest Period for Extensive Quotation (170-220): The Earliest Versions
    4. Book of Temporary and Local Canonicity
    5. From Origen to Chrysostom in te East
    6. From 250 to 450 in the West
    7. Conciliar Deliverances
    8. The Reformation and Later
  • Selected Documents
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Index