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Book Description

The Tests of Life. A Study of the First Epistle of St. John, 2nd edn.
Publication Year:
T & T Clark
1 John, New Testament
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Robert Law [1860-1919], The Tests of Life. A Study of the First Epistle of St. John, 2nd edn.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. Style and Structure
  2. The Polemical Aim
  3. The Writer
  4. The Doctrine of God as Life and Light
  5. The Doctrine of God as Righteousness and Love
    Escursus on the Correlation of Righteousness and Love
  6. The Doctrine of Christ
  7. The Witness to the Doctrine of Christ (with appended Note on χρῑσμα)
  8. The Doctrine of Sin and the World
  9. The Doctrine of Propitiation
  10. Eternal Life
  11. THe Test of Righteousness
  12. The Test of Love
  13. The Test of Belief (with appended Note on πιστεύειν)
  14. The Doctrine of Assurance
  15. THe Growth of Christian Experience
  16. Eschatology (with appended Note on Antichrist)
  17. The Relation of the Epistle to the Fourth Gospel
  • Note on γινώσκειν and εἰδέναι
  • Notes
  • Indexes