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Book Description

The Superhuman Origin of the Bible Inferred From Itself. The Congregational Lecture for 1873
Publication Year:
Hodder & Stoughton
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Henry Rogers [1806-1877], The Superhuman Origin of the Bible Inferred From Itself. The Cpngregational Lecture for 1873

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. On some Traits of the Bible which seem at Variance with certain Principles and Tendencies of Human Nature
  2. The same Subject Continued
  3. Ancillary Arguments. drawn from Certain Traits of the New Testament, as Contrasted with what might be expected from the Antecedents of the Writers
  4. Arguments derived from (I.) "Coincidences" between certain Statements of Scripture and Certain Facts fo History. (II.) Indications of the Unity of the Bible
  5. A Reply to Objections founded on Certain Pecularities of Form and Structure exhibited on the Bible
  6. Of Certain Pecularities of Style in the Scriptural Writers
  7. The Same Subject Continued
  8. On the Exceptional Position of the Bible in the World
  9. On Certain Analogies between the Bible and "the Constitution and Course of Nature"
  • Appendix