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Studies in the Psalter
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Epworth Press
Psalms, Old Testament
Copyright Holder:
The Snaith Family. Reproduced by Permission

Norman Henry Snaith [1898-1982], Studies in the Psalter

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. The Elohist Psalter and its Jehovist Supplement
    1. Political Strife in Jerusalem
    2. Isaiah iviii-lxvi
    3. The Korahite Psalms
    4. The Asaphite Psalms
    5. The Davidic Psalms
    6. The Jehovist Supplement
  2. The Sabbath Psalms
    1. The Sabbath Canticles and the "Psalms of Moses"
    2. The Sabbath Morning Psalms
    3. The Sabbath Afternoon Psalms
      1. Exodus xv, 1-18
      2. Isaiah xl-lv
      3. Numbers xxi, 17 f.
    4. The Development of the Sabbath Liturgy
      1. The First Stage
      2. The Second Stage
      3. The Third Stage
      4. The Fourth Stage
      5. The Substitution of xxix for xciv
      6. The Mishnah Tradition of Daily Psalns
      7. The Re-Grouping of the Sabbath Psalms
      8. The Daily Psalm
  3. The Coronation Psalms
    1. The History of Their Interpretaiton
    2. The Dragon Myth and the Kingdom of God
  • Index