Book Description

The Book of Revelation, W. Robertson Nicoll, ed., The Expositor's Bible
Publication Year:
Hodder & Stoughton
Revelation, Commentary, New Testament
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Table of Contents

  • Prefatory Note

  1. The Prologue
  2. The Church on the Field of History
  3. Anticipations of the Church's Victory
  4. The Sealed Roll Opened
  5. Consolatory Visions. The Sealing and the Plam-Bearig Multitude
  6. The First Six Trumpets
  7. Renewed Consolatory Vision. The Little Book
  8. A Second Consolatory Vision. The Measuring of the Temple and the Two Witnesses. The Seveneth Trumpet
  9. The First Great Enemy of the Church
  10. The Second and Third Great Enemies of the Church
  11. Renewed Consolatory Visions. The Lamb on the Mount Zion and the Harvest and Vintage of the World
  12. The Seven Bowls
  13. The Beast and Babylon
  14. The Fall of Babylon
  15. The Pause of Victory and Judgment of the Beast and the False Prophet
  16. Judgment of Satan and the Wicked
  17. The New Jerusalem
  18. The Epilogue