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Revelation. Epworth Commentaries
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Epworth Press
Revelation, Commentary, New Testament
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Christopher Rowland. Reproduced by permission.

Christopher Rowland, Revelation. Epworth Commentaries

Table of Contents

  • General Introduction
  • Preface
  • Introduction
    • How do we read biblical texts?
    • What is my/our story?
    • The world of Revelation
    • The world of apocalyptic
    • What sort of book is Revelation?
    • The structure of the Apocalypse
    • How our Christian brothers and sisters have interpreted the text
    • Reading Revelation
    • Dealing with apocalyptic symbols
    • Constrained by Christ: Can we read Revelation in any way we like?
    • Revelation and certainty
    • Light and darkness: the importance of Revelation's view of the world
    • The Gospel of John, Daniel and Revelation
  • Commentary
    • 1 The Revelation of the Risen Christ
    • 2-3 The letters to the angels of the seven churches
      Contrasting characteristics in the messages to the churches
    • 4 The praises of God
    • 5 The Lamb who was slain
    • 6 Manifestations of judgement
      Trying to make sense of terror and turmoil
      Taking God's wrath seriously
    • 7 Deliverance for the people of God
    • 8-9 The natural world becomes a series of nightmares
    • 10-11 The death and vindication of the two prophetic witnesses
    • 12 The dragon pursues his quarry
      Acknowledging and dealing with our feelings of threat
    • 13 The apparent triumph of evil
    • 14-15 The followers of the Lamb and of the Beast
    • 16 The last seven plagues: the bowls of God's wrath
    • 17 'This calls for a mind with insight'
      Towards a political theology on the basis of Revelation 13 and 17
      The character of the State
      Economic matters
      The church in the world
      Distinctions of political judgement
      Non-conformity and nationalism
      Compromise and conviction
      Reading the signs of the times
    • 18.1-19.10 Lament for Babylon
    • 19.11-21 The judgement of the Word of God
    • 20 The triumph of righteousness
    • 20.1-22.5 A new heaven and a new earth
    • 22.6-21 Take these words to heart!
    • Epilogue
    • Select bibliography