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Book Description

The Prophecies of Jeremiah
Publication Year:
T & T Clark
Jeremiah, Commentary, Old Testament
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Conrad Von Orelli [1846-1912], The Prophecies of Jeremiah

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    1. The Prophet's Name and Descent
    2. The Prophet's Times and Labour
    3. Jeremiah's Personal Characteristics
    4. Contents of Jeremiah's Prophecy
    5. Form of Jeremiah's Prophecy
    6. Jeremiah's Book
    7. Relation of the Hebrew to the Alcxandrine Text
    8. Literature,
  • Commentary
    1. Jeremiah's Call to the Prophetic Office, i.
    2. First Threatening Discourse, ii. 1-iii.
    3. Call to Turn and Repent, iii. 6-iv. 4
    4. The Approaching Judgment, iv. 5-vi. 30
    5. The Temple Discourse, vii.-ix.
    6. Against Idols, x. 1-16
    7. Submission to God's Threatened Punishment, x. 17-25
    8. Opposition to God: God's Wondrous Dealings, xi.-xii.
    9. Judgment on the Incorrigible, xiii.
    10. On Occasion of a Threatening Famine, xiv.-xv.
    11. The Judge and Deliverer, xvi.-xvii. 18
    12. Hold the Sabbath in Honour, xvii. 19-27
    13. The Doctrine of the Potter and the Clay, xviii.
    14. Breaking of the Bottle, and its Consequences, xix.-xx.
    15. Respecting the Kings, xxi.-xxiii.
    16. Prophets and Prophecies, xxiii.
    17. The Two Baskets of Figs, xxiv.
    18. God's Judgment of the Heathen Nations, xxv.
    19. Persecution of Jeremiah on occasion of the Temple-Discourse under Jehoiakim, xxvi.
    20. Jeremiah and the False Prophets, xxvii.-xxix.
      1. The Yoke or Babylon, xxvii.
      2. Jeremiah and Hananiah, xxviii.
      3. Two Letters to Babylon, xxix.
    21. Jeremiah's Book of Consolation, xxx.-xxxiii.
      1. Comforting Oracles, xxx.-xxxi.
      2. Buying a Field at Anathoth, xxxii.
      3. Second Series of Comforting Oracles for the Captives, xxxiii.
    22. Zedekiah's Fate, xxxiv. 1-7
    23. A Shameful Breach of Vows, xxxiv. 8-22
    24. A Humbling Example, xxxv.
    25. Jeremiah's Prophetic Book, xxxvi.
    26. Jeremiah's Fortunes during the Siege, xxx.vii.-xxxix.
      1. His Imprisonment, xxxvii.
      2. New Attack on the Prophet's Life, xxxviii.
      3. Jeremiah at the Fall of Jerusalem, xxxix.
    27. Warning against Settling in Egypt, xl.-xliii. 7
    28. Nebuchadnezzar in Egypt, xliii. 8-13
    29. Last Testimony against the Idolatry of the Jews in Egypt, xliv.
    30. Comforting Oracles to Baruch, xiv.
    31. Jeremiah's Oracles respecting the Heathen, xlvi.-li.
      1. Two Oracles respecting Egypt, xlvi.
      2. Oracle respecting the Land of the Philistines, xlvii.
      3. Oracle respecting Moab, xlviii.
      4. Oracle respecting the Ammonites, xlix.
      5. Oracle respecting Edom, xlix.
      6. Oracle respecting Damascus, xlix.
      7. Oracle respecting the Arabians, xlix.
      8. Oracle repecting Elam, xlix.
      9. Oracle respecting Babylon, l.-li.
  • Appendix—The Destruction of Jerusalem, iii.