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Book Description

The Epistles of St Peter. The Expositor's Bible
Publication Year:
Hodder & Stoughton
1 Peter, 2 Prter, Commentary, New Testament
Copyright Holder:
Public domain
Joseph Rawson Lumby [1831-1895], The Epistles of St Peter. The Expositor's Bible

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. The Work of the Trinity in Man's Election and Salvation
  2. The Heavenly Inheritance
  3. The Unity and Gloriousness of the Plan of Redemption
  4. The Christian's Ideal, and the Steps Thereunto
  5. Christian Brotherhood: Its Character and Duties
  6. The Priesthood of Believers
  7. Christians as Pilgrims in the World
  8. Christian Service
  9. Christian Wives and Husbands
  10. They Who Bless are Blessed
  11. The Rewards of Suffering for Well-doing
  12. The Lessons of Suffering
  13. Christian Service for God's Glory
  14. The Believer's Double Joy
  15. The Righteous Have Judgement Here
  16. How to Tend the Flock
  17. Be Clothed with Humility
  18. Through Perils to Victory
  19. The Saving Knowedge of God
  20. Who Shall Ascend into the Hill of the Lord?
  21. The Voice Heard in the Holy Mount
  22. The Lamp SHining in a Dark Place
  23. The Lord Knoweth How to Deliver
  24. "By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them"
  25. Altogether Become Abominable
  26. As Were the Days of Noah
  27. Judgement to Come
  28. The Lord is Not Slack
  29. "What Manner of Persons Ought Ye to Be?"
  30. Be Ye Stedfact, Unmovable